Thursday, June 12, 2014

Toddler Milestone: Neo’s Starting School!

At 2years and a half, Neo is starting school. 

One of my proudest moment.

Yes, he is still young, but what better time to help him learn than now?  Leo and I had been discussing the pros and cons of having Neo enter school this school year – and our entire discussion end with: He is too young.

But we still pushed through enrolling him at the Barangay Day Care close to our home last Tuesday.  Why?  Because we both agree that learning starts at an early age. 

We won’t be pushing our son to go to school to learn hardcore.  We will allow him to go to school only when he wants to.  No pressure.  We just want him to learn the basics (alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc.) while socializing with other kids.

Welcome to the academic world, my dear son!  I hope you learn a lot while playing with other kids J


  1. Nursery ba sya sis? may bayad ba pag sa Barangay Day care center? :-D

  2. Wow. Congrats Neo! You enjoy.

    Ace and I also talked about Ayvan and school. We agreed not to have him enter school before he turn 4. Good thing you shared this. I will look forward on how is Neo adapting, maybe we'll consider changing our minds.

    1. its like a playdate lang naman, Jen. playdate with lots of kids, hehe. 2hours a day to learn and play. Ayvan can do it next year! :)


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