Friday, June 6, 2014

Sol Y Viento

As a family, we enjoy swimming as a bonding activity.  No, we are not a family of swimmers – we just love the waters.  It is somewhat a-must to go at one of Laguna’s resorts (Laguna is famous of it) during summertime.  2014 summer is no exception.

We are fond of going to CuyabHotspring Resort every summer.  But this year, we decided to try something different for Neo’s tito Johnjohn’s birthday celebration (which is our summer outing time).  We went to Sol Y Viento.

This place is owned by the Tamayos of Perpertual Help School.  (I haven’t asked if they offer discounts for students :P).  It is situated in a high place. 

Yes.  He is a certified bakasyonista.  

Entrance cost Php300 per person.  Php50 corkage per person for food.  I didn’t saw an area where you can cook your food so you must bring cooked foods already.  Some resorts in Laguna allow you to cook and grill your food (I love grilled liempo and bangus during swimming time J).

Let me show you pictures of the area. 

Who wouldn’t love a view such as this?
Sol Y Viento has 3 swimming pools and 2 jacuzzis. 
They also offer overnight accommodation with your own pool.   
They offer this golf cart to the guests who don’t want to walk going up and down the area.
Cottage cost Php700.  

It rained when we were there (it rains every afternoon daw because of the altitude).  We were asked to get out of the water when it rained because the pool might be struck by lightning and we might get electrocuted. 

There are only few people when we went there even though its summer time.  It must be because it’s a high place and you risk pushing your car to the limit.  Or the somewhat expensive entrance fee (Laguna resort’s public pool entrance varies from Php60 – Php150).  But I must tell you, the beautiful scenery and the tranquil place is so worth every penny.


  1. Wow, Mommy Nerisa! Ang ganda ng place! :)

    1. hi SJ, yes the place is so nice. super added factor talaga na its not too crowded even for summer season.

  2. Hi, can I ask if ganito parin kaya ung rates nila until now? :) Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Ellaine, Im not sure about the rates if its still the same. You can try sending a message at their facebook page though. :)


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