Monday, June 16, 2014

Toddler Mileston: The Value of Peso

Last Independence Day, we went shopping for Neo’s school shoes.  It was quite a challenge bringing Neo to a department store nowadays.  He tends to run a lot and is so much fond of staying close to the toys area.  I now find going to the department store a way of losing weight by running after Neo.

While running back and forth the toy area, Neo stumbled upon a peso coin.  No one owns the coin as a lot of people are too busy with their own shopping.   He picks it up.  Puts it in his pocket.  He kept checking every now and then if the peso coin is still in his pocket.

I was a bit worried because he might swallow it.  I try my hardest to persuade him to give it to me but to no avail.  All he does is check it a lot of time if it is still inside his pocket. 

We went to the grocery to buy some veggies.  He was again running around while checking his peso coin in his pocket.  I told him to stop and that we would buy Yan Yan.  When we were able to get his Yan Yan, I told him to pay for it with his peso coin.  He gladly gave it to me.

He loves Yan Yan.  Whenever I give him one, he always opens it as fast as he could.  He never listens when I say wait.  He scoops the chocolate dip as harsh as his little hands could.  I would say that all the Yan Yans I bought were taken for granted.

But this time it’s a different scenario.  He was patiently waiting to open the Yan Yan he bought with his one peso coin.  When we opened it, he was very careful in dipping at the chocolate so it won’t spill.

That’s the value of peso for Neo.


  1. Wow! I think he waited to open it on time kasi he thought na he paid for the yan yan. It was cool! Hehe. At least he really knows the value of it. =)

    1. he was so careful with the yan yan. siguro he was thinking talaga na binili ko ito. hehe


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