Monday, June 23, 2014

Tips for Buying School Supplies

Its Neo’s first time at school.  It was difficult not to splurge.  I have to be practical in buying the things he need at school.  This is my first time to shop for school supplies for the little one.  What are my take away?

BUY DURING LEAN SEASON – don’t join the rush and demand time.  Make sure to buy school supplies during the low season.  But be careful in buying things like shoes, clothes.  You can’t buy shoes 6 months before the school starts – because it might not fit anymore.

BUY IN ONE GO – since it was my first time, I bought school supplies one at a time.  Little did I know that the Php200 I spent during shopping is now Php2000 when I added all the receipts.  If I had bought it in just one time shopping, I could have been more cautious about the price.

BUY QUALITY PRODUCTS – quality always comes first.  Buy things that are durable so you won’t need to replace it within the school year or better yet, your child can use it on the next school year J

SET A BUDGET – never forget to set a budget.  Since this is Neo’s first time to buy school supplies, it was so hard not to buy things that are “cute”, even though he won’t use it.  The hubby would always remind me to set a budget for a particular thing and stick to it.

SHOP WITH THE STUDENT – remember, it won’t be you who’ll be using these things – it would be your kid, who’s the student.  Bring him along so he/she can choose what he want.  Just help him along the way.

It was the little boy who picked this bag. 

Mommies, what are your take away when you shopped this year for school supplies?  I’d like to add some to my list so next year I’ll be more prepared J

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