Friday, July 18, 2014

DFA Passport Application

Our passports are expiring this year.  We decided to apply for renewal as well as apply for a new one for Neo before school started.  What are the steps we followed?

1.   Online Application – we applied through  We choose our branch and our appointment time.  An email was sent to us for confirmation and was asked to be there 30mins before our schedule.

2.   Preparation of Requirements – we printed the list of requirements.  New passport holders need more requirements than renewing passport holders.

3.   Appointment Verification – we chose DFA Aseana (near SM Mall of Asia) as our branch.  We arrived an hour before our schedule.  We were asked to go to gate 5 and our appointment was verified.

4.   The Wait – our appointment was 2pm.  We were called for processing at past 3pm.  It was a long wait but good thing they have seats to offer.  The only challenge is to keep Neo still (thanks to the tablet at hand J). 

5.   Processing – checking of requirements were done at Processing area.  Make sure you have all your requirements with you.  The DFA staffs are not soft-hearted (good thing because they can’t be fooled).   The person in front of me had her birth certificate ready but the DFA staff can’t read it properly and won’t accept her application.  She noted that if your NSO certified birth certificate is not readable, you have to bring your Local Registrar birth certificate.

6.   Payment – Expressing processing cost Php1200 with 7 working days wait.  Regular processing cost Php950 with 15 working days processing wait.  Additional cost of Php120 for delivery.

7.   Data Gathering – your details and picture will be gathered after payment.  They have a lot of cubicle so waiting is not long.  We are glad that the one assigned to us was very efficient.  He was able to get Neo’s picture without so much drama from the little boy.

8.   Releasing – after waiting for 15 working days for normal processing and 7 working days for express processing, you can now get your passport.  Releasing is quite tricky for individuals who don’t own the passport for release.  You would need an authorization letter and a valid ID of the passport owner.  Also, kid’s passport are released on the 3rd floor – ASSEC area. 

He can now tour out of the country.

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