Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Funny Transformation

This is what I look like on normal days.

This is what I look like last Tuesday for DZRH’s 75th Anniversary Celebration.

My colleagues didn’t recognize me.
The office guards didn’t recognize me.

My brother, GB, took a photo of me and showed it to our mom, Lola Net, 5 days after the event. 

GB: Ma, kilala mo kung sino ito?
Lola Net: hindi. (then she look at me and asked silently) sino yun?

Okay, everyone.  I’m not offended that my colleagues and the office guards didn’t recognize me.  Nanay ko nga hindi ako nakilala e. :D


  1. Hahahahah! Bongga! That's what I like, yung simple lang daily para pag may occassion, may impact! Pretty you!

  2. Ang laki ng difference MOmmy Nerisa! hahahahaha. Maybe your mom is not used na makita kang naka ayos ng bongga! =)

    1. Tama ka, Mommy Jen. My mom is used to seeing me na naka pants and t-shirt lang. hahaha :D


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