Monday, July 14, 2014

The Grieving Family

We laid my Tito Bebot to rest last Saturday.  It was a very sad day.  Moments before the actual internment, my lola, Neo’s Mamita was rushed to the hospital due to high blood pressure.  Saturday was a very difficult day for us all.  I wouldn’t wish anyone to experience the thing we experienced that day. 

This is the first time a direct relative died.  The last one was my Angkong which happened 18years ago (I wasn’t even 10yrs old pa) so I didn’t exactly comprehend whatever happened those times.

There are a lot of eye openers for me.  Things you wouldn’t know until it happened to you.  

REGRET.  Whenever someone dies there are a lot of people who will always say, I regret I didn’t spend more time with him/her.  Something we should always ensure to do.  Spend quality time with the people you love.  Life is too short so spend it with what and who matters most to you.

PREPARATIONS.  This is something I would like for everyone to know. The grieving family wouldn’t experience grieving as much as they could because reality sinks in.  Dying is not cheap.  There are a lot of things the family needs to spend on.  Instead of grieving properly, you have to pay for a lot of things, from the casket, to the burial lot, to the food you serve those who pay last respects, to everything.  If you can buy your own burial lot and life plan now, you will save your family a lot of worries when your time comes to an end.

RELATIONSHIPS.  During time of grief is one the time you will know who are the people who really cared.  Some people who are miles away from you, people you don’t even talk to for years, may come and offer their shoulders for you to cry on.  Some people, who you thought are friends, wouldn’t even bat an eyelash.  Hard times such as this will serve as an eye opener on who really cared and who doesn’t.

MOVING ON.  Moving on after a death of a loved one can be so hard.  Knowing you won’t see or hear that person is a pain no one wants to experience.  But life must go on.  Grieve as much as you can but never stop moving forward. 

GREAT PLANS.  The Lord will always have great plans on why something as sad as a death of a loved one happens.  We just need to trust Him and pray for guidance and comfort.  The Lord will never give you more than you can handle – 1Corinthians 10:13.

Please pray for my family.


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