Friday, August 29, 2014

DOH Free Vaccines This September

Last week, our local baranggay workers gave us flyers for the free vaccines given by the Department of Health.  It will be scheduled this September.  Neo has complete vaccines already but the baranggay workers insisted we still go so that they can check Neo too.

Remember, I am an advocate of healthy living without so much cost?  Neo has complete vaccines and we opted to get all the government-free vaccines from the local health center and all the other’s at Jacob’s Ladder – which offers vaccines at a cheaper cost.

So Mommies, Daddies, and Guardians of children 5 year old and below, go check your local baranggay health center on the schedule of free vaccines these September.  They are giving Polio and Measles vaccines.  Let us grab the opportunity of protecting our kids from disease for free.

Video from GMA News

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Contest Alert: I’m A Crayola Kid

Crayola is a brand I’ve known since I was a kid.  Okay, it’s the only crayon brand I know as a kid.  Crayola has already stuck to me as a generic name.  (Anyone here who remembers:  Pabili nga po ng crayola (when indeed you are referring to crayons.)

Who among you has fond memories of making sheets of papers colorful using Crayola?  I think everyone does.  Now, it’s our kids’ time to do the same.  Crayola is launching I’m A Crayola Kid Online Arts and Crafts Contest.

All you need to do is

1)   Download and print Crayola Drawing sheet from Toy Kingdom’s facebook page. 
2)   Let your child unleash his/her creativity by drawing and coloring using Crayola products.
3)   Fill out the details in the sheet.  Scan or take a photo of your child’s artwork.
4)   Post it in Toy Kingdom’s facebook page.  Don’t forget to fill in the details with #imaCrayolakid @ToyKingdomPh.
Click the photo to see full mechanics. 

Winners will get Crayola products and assorted Ogalala products worth Php1200.

Promo Duration from August 15 – September 30, 2014.

Let’s join and encourage the creativity of our children J

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Family Weekend Kwento #11

I’m sure you miss our family weekend kwentos.  It was May pa since I last blogged about kwentos of our laid back family weekend.

It was a long weekend for me but not a long weekend for Leo because he needs to work – so we didn’t plan any family getaways or anything.  We just spent it as laid back as possible.  This means more bonding time with Neo J

We started the weekend by going to Alabang.  Festival Mall is hosting a triple weekend sale so we decided to check it out.  We walked back and forth the mall and had only bought quite a few things.  I am sad that Festival Mall used to have bonggang sale back then when I was still single.  Now there are only few sale items to choose from L

Sunday was dedicated to visiting the grandparents. 

Yesterday, Monday, was Mama and Neo’s day.  I decided to stay at home and play around with the little boy.  We played with his Marble Tower.  This toy had been with Neo since he turned two (a birthday gift) – this looks brand new and he always feel happy whenever he plays with this.  The reason?  I keep it after he plays with it.  So there will be no sawa-factor.

Then he decided he wanted to swim.  Since Papa is at work, I had to flex some muscle in pumping air into his swimming pool.   All my efforts were worth it because the little boy had so much fun.

And we ended the afternoon by sleeping at his crib. 

Look.  I fit perfectly in Neo’s crib J  We had it custom-made as a little bed with railings.  

How about you?  How did your long weekend went?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

LunchDate with Mommy Fleur

You read it right J  Last weekend, I was given an opportunity to have a lunchdate with the queen of all blogging mudras, Mommy Fleur! J 

I won Mommy Fleur’s 5th blog anniversary giveway last July.  Fleur asked if I want to have it shipped or we can meet-up.  Of course I chose to have a meet-up with her.

I was with fellow mommy blogger and Mommy Fleur blog reader, Lally of Lally’s Reflections.  She won the giveaway too J  (We are such lucky mamas).  

Me, Neo, Mommy Fleur, Baby Rylee (Lally’s baby), and Lally

Mommy Fleur treated us for lunch at CafĂ© Mary Grace at SM Aura.  We had some quick chitchat because being busy mamas we need to attend to our own families’ needs as well.  And the icing on the cake?  Mommy Fleur blogged about our lunch date too.

It was so nice meeting you again, Mommy Fleur.  Thanks for the lunch date and the coloring sets that Neo loves so much J

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wedding Memories: Wedding Fairs

I am feeling nostalgic now – because I heard in the radio that there will be a grand wedding bazaar happening in September.  I am a fan of bazaars, and when we were planning our wedding, I was present in all wedding bazaars in the south of metro.

And because I am feeling nostalgic, I decided to check our former wedding blog.  After reading some entries, I realized I wanted to share to you whats in there.  So I started this series: Wedding Memories and will be posting (or transferring) the entries I have in our wedding blog.

Let’s start with the wedding fairs pictures.  Photo booths are just starting to be the “it” thing during our preparations.  During bazaars, they do a lot of marketing strategies and we are so fond of trying them during wedding fairs.  Here are some of the photo booth pictures that we have J

Our wedding preparations brought us closer together.  This was the time that we are now planning together, not just for the wedding day itself, but the day after the wedding which will mark the start of our married life.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blogapalooza 2014

It’s Blogapalooza once again! J

What is Blogapalooza?

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up now!

For Business owners: sign up here.

For Bloggers: sign up here.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Press Release: 10th global PINOY Bazaar

Last Saturday, I was invited to attend the media launch of the 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar.  There I encounter different enterpreneurs showcasing different Filipino-made products.

What is Global Pinoy Bazaar?

For eight years running, the Global Pinoy Bazaar has been successfully championing the excellence of proudly Filipino brands, proving that we can compete with big international labels. The flagship project of Yabang Pinoy has built a community where business owners focus on craftsmanship and consumers expect loyalty.

In the 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar on 22-24 August 2014, Yabang Pinoy moves to the World Trade Center, a venue three times larger, to showcase the breadth of Filipino entrepreneurialism. The lineup features almost two hundred local brands and business concepts, from loyal merchants to budding startups, in art, design, music, travel, technology, home, fashion, and food and beverage.

“A Filipino entrepreneur is someone who believes that Filipinos have the ability to exceed or at least be at par with established international brands in terms of product quality, process efficiencies, marketing, and branding,” says Mark Carrillo of men’s lifestyle brand Fledge Clothing. The new entrant to the bazaar is equally as committed to product quality. “People are always surprised when they learn that our products are locally made. We are joining Global Pinoy Bazaar to support the local industry, and show the quality of local independent brands,” says Mark.

This conviction is not lost in Martha Rodriguez of Vesti Clothing, which has been joining the bazaar since the brand was founded four years ago.” I started Vesti in October 2010 to showcase the beauty of hand-woven indigenous fabrics from Mindanao. I joined Global Pinoy Bazaar in November the same year because I felt that it was the perfect venue where people appreciate local art, culture, and heritage.”

The bazaar is also marked by various activities, from talks by crowdfunding platform Spark Project and app developer JoomaJam, to workshops by crafts studio Craft Manila, and a jamming session by dance school Samba School Imperatriz Filipinense, among others.

The Global Pinoy Bazaar also coincides with Buwan ng Wika and with the “Made in the Philippines Products Week,” as declared by Presidential Proclamation No. 76.

By showcasing globally competitive Filipino brands, Yabang Pinoy strives to support and empower local micro, small, and medium enterprises, and develop the community of globally competitive Filipino brands.

Here are some of the products you get to see at the 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar.

Messy Bessy is a line of worry-free, all-natural household and personal care products. All products are made with safe and biodegradable ingredients.
Loudbasstard’s bamboo sound amplifier is a great way to share and listen to the same music with others.
MARSSE Tropical Timber is one of the largest private sustainable hardwood plantations in the Philippines. In photo: sustainably made phone stand, and wine bottle and glass holder.
Paccube carries locally made products specifically designed for travel and outdoors.

And a lot more Pinoy products because there are over 200 stalls in the 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar. 

So why do I buy and support Pinoy products?
    1) Because I'd like to help the economy grow.  Mahalin ang sariling atin.
    2) To help create jobs for thousands of Filipinos.  Because Pinoy products are made in the Philippines, it is but right to say that Filipinos produce it. 

So don’t miss the opportunity to visit the 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar happening this August 22-24, 2014 at the World Trade Center form 11am - 9pm.  See you there! J

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Healthy Eating from The Good Box

The terminology healthy eating is not something new to me.  I encountered this a lot of times, and had plan to try this quite a few times too.  But since healthy eating means bland tasting food, and for a foodie like me it seems to be a nightmare, trying healthy eating has always been at the least of my priorities.

That is why I was so happy when The Good Box sent me a whole day trial of their 1200 kcal meal. 

What is The GoodBox?

Healthy, nutritious food in the meal plan of your choice is available at your convenience, 5 days a week (Monday - Friday). Our meal plans consist of 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400 and 2700 calorie menus; each meticulously planned with proper proportions of fat, carb and protein by our in-house nutritionist and chefs for a balanced meal. We also make sure that every meal has the nutrients your body needs to keep itself fueled throughout the day. Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain it, or even gain some, there is just no excuse to not eat healthy!

My food for the day arrived late in the evening (because of course, you will consume it within the next day, they want our food to be the freshest as possible).  It arrived in a pink eco bag.

Having said that.  I’ll now show you my meal for a day consisting of only 1200 kcal.

Breakfast: 360 kcal
Mixed Vegetable and Cheese Sandwich, Coffee, and Fruit

AM Snack: 150 kcal
Fresh Homemade Smoothie

Side Note: I would love to know what is the ingredients of each food I put in my mouth. My AM Snack is a Lychee Smoothie.  I gathered that info when I took a swig of the drink.  I would have loved it more if I know from the start what it was.  But this smoothie really tastes good.

Lunch: 300 kcal
Nutty Chicken Penne and Salad

Side Note: As I love eating veggies, I love the salad included in this meal.  However, the Nutty Chicken Penne pasta tastes bland when you eat it alone (but the chicken and the veggies included tastes good).  You should combine it so to get the best taste. 

PM Snack: 120 kcal
Oat Cookies

Dinner: 300 kcal
Tofu Tacos and Vegetable Sticks with Dip

My verdict:

I love that by subscribing to The Good Box,

1)   I don’t have to plan my meal.  They give ready made food I can consume that is just right for the body I have (by choosing the right calories I need for the day).
2)   It’s like having my own dietician.  I don’t have to compute manually the calories I take.  The Good Box does it for me.
3)   Instructions are clear if I have to heat or chill.  No need for me to guess what to do with the meal.
4)   Dieting has never taste this good. J

Are you a fan of healthy eating?  If yes, The Good Box is for you.  J

Address: 105 Hawaii St., Pasig Greenpark, Pasig City, 1612
Contact #: 09177111732

Monday, August 11, 2014

Daycare Diaries: July Activities

The month of July marks a lot of challenging things for me.  My Tito died.  Mamita was rushed to the hospital.  Leo left for a week for his business review and thus leaving me to be a single mom during the time of Typhoon Glenda.  Three storms hit the Philippines – where I was tasked to be ready (water, light, canned foods, etc.).  I think, quota na ako for 2014.

But the month of July also marks a lot of Neo’s firsts in the academic world. 

First No Classes due to storm.  Actually, I have been declaring no classes for Neo.  If it drizzle, I declare no classes for him.   July is when we followed the government’s declaration of no classes.

First Nutrition Day Parade.  The day care kids didn’t have a Nutrition Day celebration except for the parade.  They paraded at the village next to the day care’s location.  I was so proud of Neo because he didn’t ask to be carried.  He walked the whole time.  It must be because he has classmates who walked too.

First Investiture Program.  This is my first too.  I honestly don’t know what investiture means but the program was like this.  They asked parents to look for godparents for their kids.  They asked the godparents to give “pakimkim” (money given by a sponsor of baptism) to the kids which they collected as funding for the PTA.  They inducted the PTA.  That’s it.

They held it the the McDonald’s near our home.

I think Neo is enjoying every bit of these firsts.  He was all too eager whenever we tell him that we will go to school and meet his classmates.  I wish this eagerness wouldn’t end J

Friday, August 8, 2014

Flowers in the Attic Movie Screening

I am not a movie-goer but during rare times I get to be treated for a movie, I make sure to make the most out of it.  The same happened last Tuesday when I was invited by Nuffnang and LifeTime Asia for the premier screening of Flowers in the Attic.

We braved the storm and traffic just to be at the movie screening. I am so excited because this will be my first time attending a premiere screening.  We were given food and drinks from Taters (I love their popcorn J ).

Flowers in the Attic is a very sad story.  This is a novel turned into film.  The first part of the five books of The  Dollanganger Series written by V. C. Andrews.  This is a very tragic incestious story.  Because I was so drawn to the story, the next day, I instantly read the plot of The Dollanganger Series (all four succeding books).   I now want to watch all the succeeding movies. 

If you’re a cable subscriber of LifeTime Asia, Flowers in the Attic will be shown next week.   You can also watch the sequel movie entitled Petals in The Wind.  (I want to watch this too…).

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Smart Kids Asia – Philippine Edition

Last Saturday marks another family day for the three of us.  Weekends are officially declared as family day for the Familia Nunag household.  We decided to spend it at SMX for the Smart Kids Asia – Philippine Edition.

Smart Kids Asia is an educational kid’s fair.  It offers a lot of Smart Trial Classes, Smart Activities, and Smart Performances.  It was one fun-filled event.  Neo enjoyed it so much – though we stayed for 2 hours only.

Leo and Neo got busy roaming around checking out the different booths and what they offered.  There were activities such as coloring and building blocks. 

There are also trial classes where the kids are taught some sports.  Taekwondo, Karate, and Soccer are some of it.  We didn’t have the chance to pre-enroll Neo, but the guys from Team Socceroo, were every bit a darling in trying to teach and play soccer with Neo.

But what really got Neo excited was the mascots of Nickeolodeon, Dora The Explorer and Diego of Go Diego Go.  He loves those shows.  We don’t have passes for the pictorial, but Neo was so persistent that we tried to sneak him with a picture. LOL

We had so much fun. J I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Manila Bay Clean-up Run 2014

I have been dreaming of joining a fun run ever since the craze started.  But whenever I think about waking up early and running, I would eventually decide not to go.

One very persistent colleague told me to join Manila Bay Clean-up Run.  Since she’s really persistent, I decided to go (and signed up Leo too.  I can’t run alone). 

Two months before the actual fun run, I would jog around Mall of Asia seaside once a week just to stretch some muscles and ensure I would finish the 5k run I signed up to.  (That colleague also told me to go on 5k and not 3k – mabibitin lang daw ako).

June 13 came; Leo had to go on a business trip.  I signed up my brother GB and his girlfriend, Zarie, so they would accompany me.  They are on a buy 1 take 1 package that day as it was their 2nd year anniversary (belated happy anniv!).

We were late.  We came in at 3k gun start already.  But nonetheless I was a proud finisher of 5k run. Took the run in less than 40mins. 

I honestly feel “bitin”.  I should have run 10k.  During fun runs, there are a lot of runners and you would not feel ‘kulelat’ if you run slow because not everyone runs fast. 

I am now gearing for a 10k run – hopefully with Leo.  Wish me luck.

Friday, August 1, 2014

August Giveaway! - With A Winner

We’ll start August with a bang!  Another set of Star City Ride-All-You-Can Passes.  One lucky reader will be entilted to 6 (six) Star City Ride-All-You-Can passes.  All you have to do is join via rafflecopter below.

Leave your name and email address in the comment box.  Include in the comment why I need to choose you as the winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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