Monday, August 11, 2014

Daycare Diaries: July Activities

The month of July marks a lot of challenging things for me.  My Tito died.  Mamita was rushed to the hospital.  Leo left for a week for his business review and thus leaving me to be a single mom during the time of Typhoon Glenda.  Three storms hit the Philippines – where I was tasked to be ready (water, light, canned foods, etc.).  I think, quota na ako for 2014.

But the month of July also marks a lot of Neo’s firsts in the academic world. 

First No Classes due to storm.  Actually, I have been declaring no classes for Neo.  If it drizzle, I declare no classes for him.   July is when we followed the government’s declaration of no classes.

First Nutrition Day Parade.  The day care kids didn’t have a Nutrition Day celebration except for the parade.  They paraded at the village next to the day care’s location.  I was so proud of Neo because he didn’t ask to be carried.  He walked the whole time.  It must be because he has classmates who walked too.

First Investiture Program.  This is my first too.  I honestly don’t know what investiture means but the program was like this.  They asked parents to look for godparents for their kids.  They asked the godparents to give “pakimkim” (money given by a sponsor of baptism) to the kids which they collected as funding for the PTA.  They inducted the PTA.  That’s it.

They held it the the McDonald’s near our home.

I think Neo is enjoying every bit of these firsts.  He was all too eager whenever we tell him that we will go to school and meet his classmates.  I wish this eagerness wouldn’t end J


  1. Napaka cute naman ni Neo hehe! Mukhang enjoy talaga sya Nerisa ;)

    1. Thanks, Mommy Jen. :) I think yung kinakaenjoy nya talaga is yung company ng classmates nya.


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