Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Family Weekend Kwento #11

I’m sure you miss our family weekend kwentos.  It was May pa since I last blogged about kwentos of our laid back family weekend.

It was a long weekend for me but not a long weekend for Leo because he needs to work – so we didn’t plan any family getaways or anything.  We just spent it as laid back as possible.  This means more bonding time with Neo J

We started the weekend by going to Alabang.  Festival Mall is hosting a triple weekend sale so we decided to check it out.  We walked back and forth the mall and had only bought quite a few things.  I am sad that Festival Mall used to have bonggang sale back then when I was still single.  Now there are only few sale items to choose from L

Sunday was dedicated to visiting the grandparents. 

Yesterday, Monday, was Mama and Neo’s day.  I decided to stay at home and play around with the little boy.  We played with his Marble Tower.  This toy had been with Neo since he turned two (a birthday gift) – this looks brand new and he always feel happy whenever he plays with this.  The reason?  I keep it after he plays with it.  So there will be no sawa-factor.

Then he decided he wanted to swim.  Since Papa is at work, I had to flex some muscle in pumping air into his swimming pool.   All my efforts were worth it because the little boy had so much fun.

And we ended the afternoon by sleeping at his crib. 

Look.  I fit perfectly in Neo’s crib J  We had it custom-made as a little bed with railings.  

How about you?  How did your long weekend went?


  1. Seriously sis.crib of Neo? It was really a nice weekend of you guy's.. cool. ^^

    1. yes, sis. it's a small bed with railings. been with Neo since 6months old sya.

  2. Ang cool ng crib ni Neo!! Where ka nagpagawa Mommy Nerisa?

    1. I had it custom-made at our local furniture maker lang, Mommy Jen. The idea sana is it last until he turns 5 yr old. hihi


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