Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wedding Memories: Wedding Fairs

I am feeling nostalgic now – because I heard in the radio that there will be a grand wedding bazaar happening in September.  I am a fan of bazaars, and when we were planning our wedding, I was present in all wedding bazaars in the south of metro.

And because I am feeling nostalgic, I decided to check our former wedding blog.  After reading some entries, I realized I wanted to share to you whats in there.  So I started this series: Wedding Memories and will be posting (or transferring) the entries I have in our wedding blog.

Let’s start with the wedding fairs pictures.  Photo booths are just starting to be the “it” thing during our preparations.  During bazaars, they do a lot of marketing strategies and we are so fond of trying them during wedding fairs.  Here are some of the photo booth pictures that we have J

Our wedding preparations brought us closer together.  This was the time that we are now planning together, not just for the wedding day itself, but the day after the wedding which will mark the start of our married life.


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    1. Hahaha :) both payat no? I need my pre-wedding body back na talaga...


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