Monday, September 29, 2014

Daycare Diaries: August Activities

Two months since entering the academic world, Neo had started to adjust.  He learned quite a few things already.  But what made me the proudest mom is that he is starting to be independent – at school that is.

Since August is still part of the rainy season and there are a lot of declared holidays during this month, there are a lot of days that Neo can be found at home.

What are Neo’s academic development for this month?

INDEPENDENCE.  As I wrote earlier, the little boy shows independence whenever he is at school.  He no longer cries.  He plays with his classmates.  He even lines up to have his assignment checked by the teacher so he’ll get his STAR.  But that is not the case at our home.  He is still the darling baby he is. 

VOWELS.  After learning to count from 1 to 14 (because the stairs in our home is up to 14 only J), Neo’s next milestone is learning the vowels.  I didn’t expect him to learn his ABCs and vowels this soon, but I think he’s surpassing my expectations.

Watch him as he identifies the vowels in the alphabet.

DOES HIS ASSIGNMENTS.  Every day, during the days he has classes, Neo will go home with assignments.  When the clock marks 9PM, it means it’s the time to go upstairs in the bedroom and do his assignment with his Papa.  And he voluntarily do this – even during times of no classes.

BUWAN NG WIKA CELEBRATION.  The Buwan ng Wika Celebration of Neo’s class was held last August 29.  He was Andres Bonifacio that day.  I had so much fun assisting him during the parade.  He plays with his classmates but keep on searching for me to take his pictures.

My selfie with little Andres BoNEOfacio. J

Sneaking behind the girls. J

Being a working mom, I seldom go to Neo’s school.  When I accompanied Neo in his Buwan ng Wika celebration, I was a bit saddened.  Why?  A Lola (or a mom or a guardian, as I am not sure how she is related to one of the kids) SMOKES pala.  And she does this even with kids playing around.  L  This is another CON of having my child enroll in a Day Care L

But other than that, I am quite pleased to say that Neo has developed a lot while studying. J


  1. BoNeofacio is sooooo cute! :)))) Good job, baby! We're all proud of you! <3

  2. Aaaahhh. BoNeofacio is so cute. Na-excite tuloy ako for Ayvan. Hihi


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