Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hot Oil Treament The Natural Way

I confess.  My hair is salon-virgin. I’ve never tried rebond, perm, relax, or anything.  I am blessed with a nice hair – not the commercial looking silky, shiny nice, but the non-frizzy nice type. 

Another confession.  It’s not that I was blessed with the hair when I was born.  My mother took care of my hair that is why I am blessed.  How?  By using the natural coconut oil (gata) every so often in my hair when I was young.

Coconut oil helped my hair grow straight and black.  It also helped Neo’s hair grow.  Neo was born bald at the top of his head.  Lola Net was worried because he might end up looking like Lolo Jun, so Lola Net diligently put coconut oil in Neo’s head.

Since the last time I used coconut oil in my hair was more than 4 years ago, I decided to do it again last month.  This is how it goes.

Things needed:
*Grated Coconut
*Shower Cap

1)   Squeeze the grated coconut in a bowl.  It is better not to put anything in it, so it would be pure – but I added 5 teaspoon of hot water in mine as we bought it a day before I actually used it.

2)   Heat it in a saucer until it boils.  Leave to warm.

3)   Apply to head – from scalp to the last strand of hair using cotton balls.

4)   Put on shower cap and let it stay for 30mins to 1 hour.

Can you see my photobomber?

5)   Wash thouroughly.

Doing this regimen since I was young had save me trips to the salon.  Lola Net has been doing this for so long that even at her age (I wont divulge but she’s not young) she has minimal number of white hair.

So try it for yourself J


  1. nice..very timely..just got my hair rebonded..i'll try this one..thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. old techniques that are really efficient and inexpensive no? :)

  3. Truely yan. My lola used to do that to my hair when I was young. Pumapalag lang ako kasi di ko talaga bet ang amoy ng coconut oil. Hahaha! I remember having a super straight, long and shiny hair because of it. As in pang commercial ang peg, hindi yan joke ha. :D Yung mga teachers ko laging pinupuri ang hair ko, pero when I entered high school and had to make biyahe for 45 minutes on a jeepney, unti-unti nasira yung hair ko. Dahil na din siguro sa usok at mga alikabok na dumidikit sa kanya. Then my lola decided to cut my hair short. As in really short, kita the batok and the tenga. Yun, wala na. Pumangit na ng tuluyan. Kaya ngayon extra alaga ako sa hair ni Y para di magaya sa akin. Tama na yung ako na lang ang mangangailangan ng rebond. Hahaha

    1. hahaha :D naku, sis, you have to take care talaga of Y's hair. ang gandang bata, dapat lang na maganda din ang hair :)

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