Monday, September 8, 2014

Shopping Saturday At Mandaue Foam

I am a practical shopper.  I always choose quality over quantity and all other factors.  I believe that buying quality items and products will yield me better savings because I wont be buying and replacing these items a lot of times.  But we all know that quality comes with a price.  So I remedy this “small” problem by buying during SALE season.

When it comes to buying foams there are two brands that would come to my mind.  One is SALEM – my first bed as a child was SALEM and we only changed beds when I was in college.  Second is URATEX.  The brand I trust most.  When it was my time to purchase foams for myself and for our home, I only bought Uratex products.  This is a very practical brand.

Now, before Leo and I got married, we wanted to have our house blessing first.  But the house was then bare and our guests need to be seated during the house blessing.  We don’t have enough cash as we were just starting to build our home, and we ended up buying sofas that were not made of quality materials. 

Fast forward, after 3 years, the sofas we bought are now worn out.   I have been thinking for the past months of replacing it because it’s really not very comfortable and it looks dangerous for the active little boy to play and sit at.  But I have been putting buying a new sofa in the least of my things-to-do.  Until last Friday, when I was sitting in our sofa and I abruptly stood up – my legs got caught in the protruding spring and alas, I was wounded. L

Leo don’t want the sofa in our house na.   He wants to buy a new one already.  I was browsing when we saw that Mandaue Foam is having an All Out Sale.  Mandaue Foam?  This is a new brand for me and I need to search for good reviews.   And good reviews I found. J

So last Saturday, off we go to Mandaue Foam Las Pinas show room, the closest one from us.  And there, my eyes feasted.

Three floors of different items on sale.  Sofas, beds, foams, linens, decors, pillows, tables, and all furniture you can think of.

What got me in love with Mandaue Foam is that they offered 5 years warranty of our chosen sofa for the foam and the frame itself. (No warranty for the fabric).  For you to offer such long warranty it only means that the product is made of quality materials.

The little boy looks so comfy in the sofa J

Also, we get to customized the fabric that we want for the sofa.  We just have to wait for a month – and I don’t mind waiting if it would look so good J

I love home shopping.  I will surely go back again to Mandaue Foam and buy lots and lots of home furniture and decors. J

Visit them at:

Mandaue Foam – Las Pinas City
Address: 487 Alabang Zapote Road Brgy. Almanza Uno
Store Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am – 8pm   Sun: 10am – 6pm
Contact Numbers: (02) 659 5042 – 43


  1. Nice! 5 years warranty! so excited to see your new sofa..=)...

    1. yup. i was in love agad when I saw the warranty. it must be of quality talaga di ba?

  2. I just found out about this and regret not knowing sooner! Sounds amazing keep up the good work! see more

    1. No worries, You can check it out as this is a yearly sale. :)

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