Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Bag

I am not a fashionista.  I don’t know how to mix and match my clothes, shoes, and bags.  I just love to wear whatever is comfortable.  So whenever people say something positive on something I wear or own, I feel happy talaga.

Remember last March when I got robbed going to work?  I posted it in my facebook status and blogged about it and the things I learned from it.  I was reminiscing about what happened.  I was wearing an old jeans, old polo shirt, a doll shoes, and this bag.

A lot of people commented that the reason I was robbed was because the bag looks expensive.  Some even commented that it’s a designer one.  Guys, it’s not.  I just bought it at a bazaar selling Marikina made bags. 

I didn’t use this bag for 2 months.  I want to shoo away the bad vibes e.  But since the other bags that I have had worn off already, I used it again on a daily basis.  It’s sturdy but because I use it to put all my stuffs and Neo’s things (moms are like that, agree?), I feel that it would get worn out na.  So I need to buy a new one.

I am now contemplating of buying a new one on store or online.  I looked through Zalora's bag collection for women and found some bags that I like. You can click here to check it out for yourself

Now, I need to save save save so I can buy the bag I want because I am someone who invests in quality over anything else.  


  1. ako naman nabili lng ng bag pag my sale s SM haha mdami din namang mura pero magandang quality..mga magnanakaw nagaun alam ang ammahalin sa hindi kaya ingat ingat din talaga..=)

    1. hindi mo na mauuto ang mga magnanakaw. they know kung ano ang may laman and wala.


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