Monday, September 1, 2014

The Start of the Ber-months Has Arrived!

I am so excited.  It’s 115 days to go before Christmas J

I know I told you that last year was supposedly the year that Neo would know what Christmas means, but I have be honest, he didn't L  So I am hoping this year is when he will enjoy the festivities most.

So what are we planning to do?

DECORATE THE HOUSE with a lot of Christmas decors J  I’ve already started shopping for some (because I will just recycle those that are still reusable from last year.)

HAVE OUR OWN CHRISTMAS TREE.  Yes we have our live Christmas tree in our small garden, but I can't put gifts below it (because it will get drenched when it rains)  so I’m planning on having a small Christmas tree inside the house.

PLAY CHRISTMAS SONGS.  I think this is the right time for us to play a lot of christmas songs in our house.  I’d love to hear Neo sing his own version of “Jingle Bells” when Christmas arrives so we better start practicing now.

SHOP FOR GIFTS.  I love giving gifts.  I honestly feel more pleasure in giving than receiving christmas gifts.  But I feel bad when Neo don't receive gifts, so I make sure to wrap a lot of gifts for him J  So we need to shop early.  Nothing beats early christmas shopping.

PLAN THE HOLIDAYS. Where to spend the holidays is always something to look forward to – whether its in our house or the grandparents or a getaway.  Need to plan and set a budget.

How about you?  What are your preparations and plans for Christmas?


  1. OMG ang bilis ng panahon! 13th month pay na! LOL. I hope my family and I can go home to our hometown this Christmas. Or maybe go somewhere nice. Pero I think as long as the family is together, then all is fine with the world. :)

    1. honga nga, Jhanis, its 3 months to go 13th month pay na! :D

      Christmas with the whole family will always be at the top of our list. kahit saang parte pa ng mundo yan.

  2. Waaah. It's Christmas again, time flies! I am going to Divi or Dapitan to buy some decors. Hihi. We'll see how it goes, first time namin mag Christmas sa house talaga lang namin. GoodLuck to me and to all of us Moms na magdedecorate.


    1. Don't forget to buy the sturdy and quality made decors, Jen. It has saved me lots of money recycling some decors that are good pa. :)


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