Friday, September 12, 2014

Wedding Memories: Wedding Suppliers’ Ratings - Part 1

Blessings Photography
(Photo and Video Coverage)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Package inclusions:
·         1 photographer
·         1 videographer
·         1 lightsman
·         40pages 8x10 album with glass cover
·         1 CD copy of raw files
·         2 DVD copies of edited wedding video
·         16x20 blow up w/o frame

We chose the cheapest package and then opted to upgrade.  They were very easy to talk to.  They arrived on time in our wedding day and had a lot of suggestions for me to be photogenic (harhar).

Everything went smoothly in our wedding day.  They were able to release our raw files one week after our wedding for us to choose final pictures for our album.  Well, it took us 2 months to finally decide on our wedding photos and it took them 3 months to release our album  but all the wait is worth it.  Some minor delays were - our wedding date in the album cover was wrong, and album box has the wrong size.  We waited for additional 3 weeks from the agreed delivery date.  Nonetheless, we had the best wedding album of all!

Why 4.5? We love our album, video, and blow up – however, we have to wait for soooo long just to acquire this.

(Wedding Rings)

Rating: 5 out of 5

·         Pair of wedding rings
·         Pair of mock rings for daily use

This is the very first supplier we booked – more than 1 year before our wedding.  And we didn't regret working with them.  Miss Belle is very accommodating.  We were always treated nicely whenever we meet, be it at their shop at SM Megamall or during Bridal fairs.  She even greeted us when we met by chance at Boracay after our wedding – we, for our honeymoon; she, on a summer vacation.

Why 5? Well, we really love our wedding rings.


Rating: 3 out of 5

·         50 pcs wedding invites

We wanted simple and elegant looking invites that would come in inexpensive price.  Where to go? Recto, of course. We scouted all shops in Recto and were able to work with Dymings.  They offered us a good deal.  However, we have to go back and forth to this supplier just to finalize the design of our invites.  Emails and text messages seldom work for them (might be because of their hectic schedule).  As opposed to our initial discussion that after 2 weeks, we will be able to get our invites, it took us more than a month to finally got hold of our invites.  Patience really is a virtue.

Well, all our patience paid off.  We got what we wanted from the start, simple and elegant looking invites!

Why 3.0?  Our invites were really beautiful however; we have to go back and forth to Recto to confirm everything we need.  They seldom respond to text messages and emails.  They also did not made it in our initial and revised (we revised for like 4 times) deadline.  Imagine the stress and hassle we have to go through just to get these beautiful invites.

Von Espiritu
(Pre Nup Pictorial)

Rating: 5 out of 5

Von is not yet a professional photographer – just a hobbyist.  He is my friend Anj’s boyfriend.  He offered to do us a pre-nup for free!  We really wanted to have our pre-nup pictorial as UPLB (our alma matter), but couldn’t squeeze enough time to have it done there.  In the end, we were able to have our pre-nup at Daang Reyna.  Von was very kind in coming up with all the things we needed – from concept to props (he and Anj even woke up too early for our pre-nup! Haha).

We had fun bonding during the pictorial.  Von as are official prenuptial pictorial photographer; Anj as his assistant / unofficial photographer with her cute digicam.

Why 5.0?  Not just because Von and Anj are our friends.  Not just because our pre-nuptial pictorial was free of charge.  It was the dedication they offered us.  They didn’t gave us any hassle on our pictorial – well that might be because they’re our friends LOL :P

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