Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yummy Delivery by Food Panda

I live in Cavite and work in Manila.  It takes me minimum of 4 hours travel time (to and from the office).  This takes up so much of my time.  I am so thankful because the moment I arrived at home, all I need to do is eat, rest, and bond with Neo.  Thanks to Ate Espie because I don’t have to cook. 

However, there are also rare times that the task of cooking lies on my hands.  This is very bad for me.  Because 1) I don’t know how to cook, 2) I need to allot time for buying the ingredients, and 3) allot some more time in cooking. 

Good thing I was introduced to Food Panda.  Food Panda is an online food delivery system.  They have several accredited restaurants you can choose from for delivery.

How to use Food Panda?  There are 7 easy steps.

1.    Go to Food Panda’s website: http://www.foodpanda.ph/

2.    Enter your location.

3.    Choose a restaurant from the several choices that Food Panda will give you. 

4.    Select the food from the menu of the restaurant you chose from.

5.    Enter your delivery details.

6.    Choose your mode of payment.  You can choose either by credit card or cash on delivery.

7.    Wait for your food delivery to arrive.  Take note of the delivery time frame.

Food Panda values customer service so much.  They will send you an email, a text message, and will even call you to verify your order details.  And they will also ask for your feedback about the delivery service and the food quality via email.  

And because Food Panda is an online food delivery, they also have mobile apps that you can download for free. http://www.foodpanda.ph/contents/apps 

This is so cool for busy moms like me.  With a minimal delivery charge, I get to do other things while waiting for my food to arrive.  I can have it delivered in the office before going home.  And that is what I did yesterday. 

I told the family in the morning, I’m in-charged of dinner tonight.  Before going home, I ordered food online via www.foodpanda.ph, had it delivered to my office.  Went home with our viand.  Everyone at home was happy J

Our dinner last night – delivered to my office via www.foodpanda.ph

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