Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Krispy Kreme’s Designing My Own Donut

Last Blogapalooza, I was fortunate enough to try to design my own donut.  I would love for Neo to try this, but I think he’ll just get cranky if he fall in line and wait for his turn L  So I just enjoyed it myself.  It was really fun. J

Photo blogging my experience – thanks for the lovely staff of Krispy Kreme for offering to take my photos.

We started our donut designing journey by picking a glazed donut.

Then, we dipped it in chocolate cover.

Putting sprinkles to my donut.

Next: Icing on top.

And my donut is done J

Base on my donut’s design, I know you’ll assume that I’m not the most creative person you know – and honestly, I agree with you.  But I did have fun doing it J

Monday, October 27, 2014

Post Birthday Celebration at Buffet 101

Last year, we celebrated the hubby’s birthday at Vikings MOA.  This year, we decided to try another luxury buffet to celebrate his birthday.  We found ourselves in Buffet 101 MOA.

Buffet 101 MOA is located at the seaside area close to the MOA Eye.  Prior reservations were required for us to secure our seats but, we need to be there during 11-1130am window time.

Buffet 101 prices:

Since it was the hubby's birthday the day before we went there, he was free to eat as long as he bring 3 full paying adults. 

I bought 2 metrodeal vouchers for Php569 (another tipid tip from me). 

We arrived a little past 11am and we were seated ASAP. 

Here are photos of food choices of Buffet 101.  We all ate with gusto. J

The family that eats together, stays together J

Before leaving, I asked for any cakes for the birthday celebrant and they gave the hubby this cute cake.  However, the staff didn’t sang a birthday song for him (Vikings’ staffs sang to him last year).  We were so full so we weren’t able to eat the complimentary cake. 

So next year, I need to look for another luxury buffet where Leo can celebrate his birthday again.  Any suggestions?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Easy-palit with #HuggiesPantsUp

I am a practical mom.  I shop cheap but QUALITY things for my little boy.  Neo was a user of a different diaper brand before.  But ever since he got so big (he’s more than 20kilos and he’s not even 3 years old), we’re having a hard time choosing the right diaper for him.

We heard him complain that the diaper is small in size (even the XXL which claims to be for kids 15 kilos and above) and he feels that the diaper is too tight.  But the thing I really can’t bear is when Neo complains about the pain he feels between the straps whenever we tape it.  And he does have red marks in his groin part because of this.

Now, I was able to try a sample of Huggies Dry Pants through their facebook page (if you haven’t, please click the link so you can try it too).  After trying, our whole diaper changing experience turned to positive.  No more trying to kick Mama whenever we change diapers because Huggies Dry Pants doesn’t hurt his groin area because it has no straps.  No more lying down like a baby because Huggies Dry Pants is like a small brief he that he can wear easily with no sweat from me.  He can run, dance, swing, and go up and down our furniture and I can still put Huggies Dry Pants to him.   Also, Huggies Dry Pants allow Neo to change easily when we’re at the mall.  No more hassle of looking for a diaper changing station – he can change standing up.  But most of all, Huggies Dry Pants is the cheapest dry pants diaper in the PH.  Now that’s making me a happy practical mom.  J

And since both Neo and I are happy with our Huggies Dry Pants experience, we decided to join Huggies Dry Pants Dance Show Down.  You too can join.  You may get a chance to win 1 year supply of Huggies Dry Pants, an overnight accommodation for 2, and spa gift certificates.

If you're a blogger click this for instructions: Huggies Pants for Bloggers

If you're not a blogger use this for instructions: Huggies Pants Dance Show Down

Don’t forget to join! J

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Husband’s Birthday Surprise

October is the hubby’s birth month.  I am not creative nor am I one who’s good with surprises but I really want to surprise him this year.  I don’t have a theme and I wasn't prepared because I just thought of surprising him a day before his birthday (talk about being spontaneous).

So what did I do?  Consult the ever reliable google but all responses it gave me for “surprising your husband” search was: surprise vacation, surprise birthday party, and being a loving wife for the day (which I already am everyday LOL).  So I need to think out of the box.  And yes, I did it.

I went home earlier than he did and pretended to be mad at him so he won’t expect anything.   I bought some balloons and chocolates off the grocery.  Then I printed thank you messages for him.  I created a simple rhyme that would serve as a clue for him. 

By the time I got home, I cut out the rhyming clue so it would be a puzzle and folded each one, inserted it into the balloons then inflated the balloons.  Then I hid all the balloons on the 2nd floor.  Then put all the thank you notes in the mini chocolates and scattered it in the house.

The hubby arrived home and I started dropping the balloons from the 2nd floor.  I then asked him to pop all the balloons and complete the puzzle for the clue.  After, he was searching the house for the mini chocolates with thank notes.

It was one crazy night.  The hubby looked like a small child in Party Game slash Easter Egg Hunt slash Trick or Treat.  I think he enjoyed it, being a kid once again.

My birthday boy with his cake J

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Arkin’s McDonald's Birthday Party

We have a lot of kids in our community.  My little boy is one of them.  He has a lot of barkadas in there and I can see them growing together.  Playing as little kids, jamming as teenagers, and bonding as adults.

One of these little kids is Arkin.  He turned 1 year old this month.  Neo was invited to his Mc Donalds birthday party.  I am excited for this party because the last time I attended a Mc Donald’s party was more than 3 yrs ago.  And this is Neo's first time to attend one.

There were a lot of food and games.  Neo tried to join game entitled the longest “happy birthday, Arkin”.  Since he can’t converse well pa, he just made the whole crowd laugh when the host was asking him questions.

Host: What’s your name?
Neo: eh!
Host: Where do you live?
Neo: eh!
Host: How old are you?
Neo: eh!
Host: ok. Ready? Happy birthday Arkinnnnn!
Neo: eh!
Everyone: (laughter!)

Here’s my little boy entertaining the birthday boy.

Now, the fun part was when the Mc Donald’s mascot, Birdie, appeared.  Kids roared: “Nandyan na si Tweetie Bird!”.  Neo ran in front to join the crowd, only to run back to me crying and shouting: “uwi na! uwi na!”  He was so afraid with the mascot.  When I looked at Birdie the mascot, I think he needs to take a bath.  My thoughts are, they need a cleaner mascot during kiddie parties.

Minus the mascot, we all had fun during the party. J  Belated Happy Birthday, Arkin!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

When Sickness Outnumbered Me

The last time Neo was sick was last April when he had the accident at Ternate Beach Resort.  The last time Leo was sick was when I was still pregnant with Neo.  So imagine my dilemma and worries when I both of them got sick yesterday. L

Tuesday night, I went home and was greeted by a crying Neo trying to tell me that his front tooth was aching.  I admit Neo’s teeth are not his best asset.  The only part of his little body that I fail to take care of properly.  Now, his front teeth are starting to decay and this is what’s causing the pain.

Then early Wednesday morning (when I say early, it was 1AM), the hubby woke up with a painful and red left eye.  It was really alarming.

With both my boys sick, I don’t want to go to work – but still I had to because I have a very important meeting to attend.  There’s also an event I was invited to in the evening, but I had to miss it na and go home early.

Medicines, medicines, medicines…L

After taking their respective medicines, both my boys are feeling quite better than yesterday.  I always feel bad when the hubby is sick because I feel “alone” without his help.  But I feel more vulnerable when Neo is sick because I’d rather be the one experiencing the pain than him.  L

Hoping they both get well soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Press Release: Bonakid Preschool’s Ready Set Laban Season 2 Hosts

Last October 10, Sunday, Bonakid Preschool’s Ready Set Laban Season 2 launched its premiere episode.  Drew Arellano is hosting the 8-episode show.  Aside from being one of the most sought after hosts of GMA 7, Drew is very energetic and enthusiastic which makes him the best man for to host the fun and lively show of Ready Set Laban Season 2.

Drew will be joined by 4 lovely celebrity mommies namely  Ruby Rodriguez, Julia Clarete, Nina Ricci Alagao, and Donita Rose.  

Watch Bonakid Preschool’s Ready Set Laban Season 2 every Sunday at 10:45am after iBilib.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Blogapalooza 2014: Baby Neo’s Mama’s 2nd Time Around

Last Saturday, October 11, I attended Blogapalooza 2014.  This is my 2nd time around.  But I still was excited as if it was my first time. 

Baby Neo’s Mama @ Blogapalooza 2014!

Blogapalooza 2014 was held at SM Aura Convention Hall.  The venue this time is twice as much bigger compared to last year.  There are more brands that showcased their products to 700+ bloggers who attended.  Bloggers were also given a chance to bring a plus one meaning more interaction and more people who get to know different brands too.

Different brands and booths have a lot of different interactive activities that bloggers get to try.  Some brands also offer products for bloggers to sample and review.

Allow me to photoblog about the event.

A selfie at the Sample Room’s booth.

Popping  balloons at the Flawless’ booth.

Caronia’s giant nail polish.  

At Ace Water Spa’s booth.  

Designing my own donut at Krispy Kreme’s booth.  This is so fun! 
With Chickie Boy of Max’s.
With Maxicare Bear.  He’s really cute. 
A much bigger area to listen to different brands speak about their products. 
With When In Manila’s Vince Golangco. J

To say that I enjoyed Blogapalooza 2014 is an understatement.  I was overjoyed meeting all brands and fellow bloggers. J

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Press Release: Gymboree Sta. Rosa’s Pumpkin Patch Party

Gymboree Play and Music Sta. Rosa will have its grand launch by November 2014.  Prior to this, Gymboree will offer a Pumpkin Patch Party this October 26 (Sunday) to give children 1-5 years a feel of how fun it is at Gymboree!

Gymboree Play and Music instructors will guide children in creating crafts to take home, sing songs, and partake in “Parachute Time” activity.  There will be a Pumpkin Patch Halloween project and costume parade for kids.

There will be two sessions to choose from:
3:30pm at Laguna Central Atrium
5pm at Paseo de Sta. Rosa 4

This activity is FREE OF CHARGE.  First come, first served as the slots are limited.  Children must be accompanied by adults.

There will be prizes for kids in best costume! J

For more info, visit or call (049) 576-0595.

See you! J

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Quick Water Camp Resort Getaway

Last weekend was a long one and we don’t have anything to do so we decided to just do a quick swimming at Water Camp Resort at Kawit, Cavite.  Not so far away from home.

We left home at around 9am.  We bought something to eat along the way and was already at Water Camp around 10am.

Water Camp Resort is located at Kawit, Cavite.  This is one of the nicest resorts we’ve been to.  Neo kept on saying: “Wow. Ganda naman”  everywhere in the resort except for the wave pool which is isn’t too fond of.

It has a total of six (6) swimming pools, small playground for kids, lots of day use cabanas, and 27 overnight accommodations.  Let me show you pictures of the resort.

Children’s Interactive Pool

The Lazy River

The Playground

Overnight Cabanas

Even during off peak season, Water Camp Resort has a lot of lifeguards roaming around and reminding swimmers to follow resort rules. 

Rates for adult are Php220.  Kids below 4ft are Php200.    

This is the first resort that I paid for Neo’s entrance fee.  Normally kids Neo’s age are free, but Water Camp has an entrance fee for kids as well.  But it was worth it because the little boy was so amazed at this resort. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Zalora PH Delivery

I love shopping online.  It saves me energy and money by going to the mall (but of course, nothing beats shopping at malls).  Nowadays there are a lot of online shops you can go to when you are looking for whatever item you may need.

For clothes, shoes, accessories for both men and women, you can drop by  I tried ordering at Zalora last Wednesday afternoon.  Browsing through the site, I was treated to a lot of selection.

Because there are just too many choices, it took me 2 hours to pick what I like.  Paid for it online (you can choose either pay it cash on delivery or via credit card).  An email confirmation was sent to me a minute after I paid.

By Thursday morning, Zalora delivery man, PJ, texted me that he will be delivering my orders anytime that day.  One day delivery for Metro Manila - that was quick!  But that’s not the only words he has for his text message.  He asked me if I have other delivery instructions and that he is more than happy to assist.  He even ended the text message with Thanks and God Bless.  Wow.  I’ve been having goods delivered to me but this is the first time I experienced a customer service such as this one.  J

Around lunch time, PJ texted again to inform me he is on his way.  10 minutes after, he was in front of me delivering my Zalora orders.  I am one happy customer J  Customer service such as this one deserves a kudos.

This arrived less than 24 hours after I ordered it. 

So if you want to go shopping online, don’t forget to drop by  Zalora has a lot of garment products for men and women.  They also offer competitive prices (a lot of products are on sale J).  My only wish is that they offer things, clothes, or any necessities for kids.  Moms like me love to shop for our kids’ needs and wants first before our own. J  Just my thoughts.

Enjoy shopping everyone! J

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

To Play A Sport Or Not

I am not a sporty person.  I was when I was younger, but when I started wearing eyeglasses, I shy away from physical activity.  For one, I cant play properly without glasses.  And second, if I play with my glasses on, I risk breaking it since I’ll be all sweaty playing.  So I don’t play any sport at all.

Back in college, for me to get my degree, I have to finish four (4) Physical Education classes (PE).  One would be the lecture and I get the liberty to choose what sport or game the 3 other PE classes would be.  I chose Chess, Bridge, and T'ai Chi Chu'an.  No sweat required from me. J

Now, my company officially started our sports fest.  Our sports fest is divided into badminton, bowling, and fun games.  I registered on the fun games but was convinced by my colleague  to try bowling (the same colleague who convinced me to do the fun run).  Try lang daw.

So try I did.

Here’s the scores after my first play.

The N is mine.

That is the same score I had on my second play. 

Now, I am thinking seriously.  I am torn between the quotes:

Practice makes perfect – because if I practice, I might be able to learn and be good at this sport.


Play your cards right – because I don’t know how to play this sport and I am good at numbers, I should have been satisfied in recording down and tallying the scores of the players.

So how do you think I should approach it?

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