Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Quick Water Camp Resort Getaway

Last weekend was a long one and we don’t have anything to do so we decided to just do a quick swimming at Water Camp Resort at Kawit, Cavite.  Not so far away from home.

We left home at around 9am.  We bought something to eat along the way and was already at Water Camp around 10am.

Water Camp Resort is located at Kawit, Cavite.  This is one of the nicest resorts we’ve been to.  Neo kept on saying: “Wow. Ganda naman”  everywhere in the resort except for the wave pool which is isn’t too fond of.

It has a total of six (6) swimming pools, small playground for kids, lots of day use cabanas, and 27 overnight accommodations.  Let me show you pictures of the resort.

Children’s Interactive Pool

The Lazy River

The Playground

Overnight Cabanas

Even during off peak season, Water Camp Resort has a lot of lifeguards roaming around and reminding swimmers to follow resort rules. 

Rates for adult are Php220.  Kids below 4ft are Php200.    

This is the first resort that I paid for Neo’s entrance fee.  Normally kids Neo’s age are free, but Water Camp has an entrance fee for kids as well.  But it was worth it because the little boy was so amazed at this resort. 


  1. awww i miss my swimming buddy, Neo :P

    1. awww... i thought it was me you missed na LOL

  2. HAHAHA! i miss you din ate Ness! :* Post more pics of Neo :D hihihi

  3. Parang I've been there na. I think 15 years ago? The pool and place look familiar. Hehe. Way back kabataan pa but this place was really nice especially for kids.

    1. really nice for kids. the pools are not so deep.


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