Saturday, October 18, 2014

Arkin’s McDonald's Birthday Party

We have a lot of kids in our community.  My little boy is one of them.  He has a lot of barkadas in there and I can see them growing together.  Playing as little kids, jamming as teenagers, and bonding as adults.

One of these little kids is Arkin.  He turned 1 year old this month.  Neo was invited to his Mc Donalds birthday party.  I am excited for this party because the last time I attended a Mc Donald’s party was more than 3 yrs ago.  And this is Neo's first time to attend one.

There were a lot of food and games.  Neo tried to join game entitled the longest “happy birthday, Arkin”.  Since he can’t converse well pa, he just made the whole crowd laugh when the host was asking him questions.

Host: What’s your name?
Neo: eh!
Host: Where do you live?
Neo: eh!
Host: How old are you?
Neo: eh!
Host: ok. Ready? Happy birthday Arkinnnnn!
Neo: eh!
Everyone: (laughter!)

Here’s my little boy entertaining the birthday boy.

Now, the fun part was when the Mc Donald’s mascot, Birdie, appeared.  Kids roared: “Nandyan na si Tweetie Bird!”.  Neo ran in front to join the crowd, only to run back to me crying and shouting: “uwi na! uwi na!”  He was so afraid with the mascot.  When I looked at Birdie the mascot, I think he needs to take a bath.  My thoughts are, they need a cleaner mascot during kiddie parties.

Minus the mascot, we all had fun during the party. J  Belated Happy Birthday, Arkin!


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