Thursday, October 23, 2014

Easy-palit with #HuggiesPantsUp

I am a practical mom.  I shop cheap but QUALITY things for my little boy.  Neo was a user of a different diaper brand before.  But ever since he got so big (he’s more than 20kilos and he’s not even 3 years old), we’re having a hard time choosing the right diaper for him.

We heard him complain that the diaper is small in size (even the XXL which claims to be for kids 15 kilos and above) and he feels that the diaper is too tight.  But the thing I really can’t bear is when Neo complains about the pain he feels between the straps whenever we tape it.  And he does have red marks in his groin part because of this.

Now, I was able to try a sample of Huggies Dry Pants through their facebook page (if you haven’t, please click the link so you can try it too).  After trying, our whole diaper changing experience turned to positive.  No more trying to kick Mama whenever we change diapers because Huggies Dry Pants doesn’t hurt his groin area because it has no straps.  No more lying down like a baby because Huggies Dry Pants is like a small brief he that he can wear easily with no sweat from me.  He can run, dance, swing, and go up and down our furniture and I can still put Huggies Dry Pants to him.   Also, Huggies Dry Pants allow Neo to change easily when we’re at the mall.  No more hassle of looking for a diaper changing station – he can change standing up.  But most of all, Huggies Dry Pants is the cheapest dry pants diaper in the PH.  Now that’s making me a happy practical mom.  J

And since both Neo and I are happy with our Huggies Dry Pants experience, we decided to join Huggies Dry Pants Dance Show Down.  You too can join.  You may get a chance to win 1 year supply of Huggies Dry Pants, an overnight accommodation for 2, and spa gift certificates.

If you're a blogger click this for instructions: Huggies Pants for Bloggers

If you're not a blogger use this for instructions: Huggies Pants Dance Show Down

Don’t forget to join! J


  1. Ayvan and me are joining.. Hehe. Crossing my fingers!

    1. yey! I'm crossing not just my fingers, pati legs na. 1 year supply of huggies as prize is super cool talaga :)


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