Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Krispy Kreme’s Designing My Own Donut

Last Blogapalooza, I was fortunate enough to try to design my own donut.  I would love for Neo to try this, but I think he’ll just get cranky if he fall in line and wait for his turn L  So I just enjoyed it myself.  It was really fun. J

Photo blogging my experience – thanks for the lovely staff of Krispy Kreme for offering to take my photos.

We started our donut designing journey by picking a glazed donut.

Then, we dipped it in chocolate cover.

Putting sprinkles to my donut.

Next: Icing on top.

And my donut is done J

Base on my donut’s design, I know you’ll assume that I’m not the most creative person you know – and honestly, I agree with you.  But I did have fun doing it J


  1. i did not try this hanggang sa pila lang haha nice design nga eh :)

    1. thanks. i was lucky lang because I fall in line nung medyo maiksi pa ung pila. :)


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