Wednesday, October 1, 2014

To Play A Sport Or Not

I am not a sporty person.  I was when I was younger, but when I started wearing eyeglasses, I shy away from physical activity.  For one, I cant play properly without glasses.  And second, if I play with my glasses on, I risk breaking it since I’ll be all sweaty playing.  So I don’t play any sport at all.

Back in college, for me to get my degree, I have to finish four (4) Physical Education classes (PE).  One would be the lecture and I get the liberty to choose what sport or game the 3 other PE classes would be.  I chose Chess, Bridge, and T'ai Chi Chu'an.  No sweat required from me. J

Now, my company officially started our sports fest.  Our sports fest is divided into badminton, bowling, and fun games.  I registered on the fun games but was convinced by my colleague  to try bowling (the same colleague who convinced me to do the fun run).  Try lang daw.

So try I did.

Here’s the scores after my first play.

The N is mine.

That is the same score I had on my second play. 

Now, I am thinking seriously.  I am torn between the quotes:

Practice makes perfect – because if I practice, I might be able to learn and be good at this sport.


Play your cards right – because I don’t know how to play this sport and I am good at numbers, I should have been satisfied in recording down and tallying the scores of the players.

So how do you think I should approach it?

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