Thursday, October 16, 2014

When Sickness Outnumbered Me

The last time Neo was sick was last April when he had the accident at Ternate Beach Resort.  The last time Leo was sick was when I was still pregnant with Neo.  So imagine my dilemma and worries when I both of them got sick yesterday. L

Tuesday night, I went home and was greeted by a crying Neo trying to tell me that his front tooth was aching.  I admit Neo’s teeth are not his best asset.  The only part of his little body that I fail to take care of properly.  Now, his front teeth are starting to decay and this is what’s causing the pain.

Then early Wednesday morning (when I say early, it was 1AM), the hubby woke up with a painful and red left eye.  It was really alarming.

With both my boys sick, I don’t want to go to work – but still I had to because I have a very important meeting to attend.  There’s also an event I was invited to in the evening, but I had to miss it na and go home early.

Medicines, medicines, medicines…L

After taking their respective medicines, both my boys are feeling quite better than yesterday.  I always feel bad when the hubby is sick because I feel “alone” without his help.  But I feel more vulnerable when Neo is sick because I’d rather be the one experiencing the pain than him.  L

Hoping they both get well soon.


  1. Get well soon, kuya Leo and baby Neo! Stay strong ate! God is our great Healer :)

  2. Awww.. I hope your boys will be better soon.


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