Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hong Kong 2014: Budget and Itinerary

Travelling out of the country needs careful planning and budgeting.  This was the case of the Hong Kong vacation we took at the last week of November.  This was an early birthday present for the little boy – who’ll be celebrating his special day on the second week of December.

Since we traveled as a group of 7 (me, the hubby, both set of Lolos and Lolas, and the little boy), our itinerary was a laid back one.  We don’t want to be rushing and squeezing attractions in a day.  We don’t want to plan trips and end up getting disappointed because we weren’t able to follow it. 

We flew to Hong Kong in two groups.  Me, the hubby, and Neo had a morning flight from Manila.  The Lolos and Lolas had an evening flight from Clark.  Since we were almost a day early, we checked-in at the guesthouse and visited Avenue of Stars.  Later in the afternoon we toured Mongkok and then went to the airport to fetch the Lolos and Lolas.

Our second day was spent touring Ngong Ping Village and Tung Chung area.  

Our third day was dedicated to Disneyland.  

And our last day was spent at The Peak and watching the Symphony of Lights.

Here’s the breakdown of our travel budget per person.

Airfare to-and-from Hong Kong

Php 4000 (booked on sale)

Travel Tax and Terminal Fee
Php 1620 + Php550
(Php 810 + Php550 for kids)

Php 7000 (5days / 4nights)

Hong Kong Disneyland

HKD 430 (discounted ticket)
Ngong Ping Cable Car 2-way

HKD 150
The Peak, Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum, and Sky Terrace

HKD 290 (discounted ticket)
Using Octopus Card

HKD 300
Meals and Water

HKD 620
Shopping, Souvenirs and Pasalubongs

HKD 850

Friday, November 28, 2014

Day Care Diaries: October Activities

The year went by so fast for me and for the little one, especially in the academic world that I am still trying to keep up.   Sooner or later, I will be going around our area in searching for the best pre-school that will be Neo’s 2nd home.  But before that, let me share to you what the little boy has learned and did during the month of October.

SCHOOL FEEDING.  Barangay Day Cares under the government are now implementing a school feeding.  For this school year, it started last October and has been a daily thing from Tuesday to Fridays.  Moms or guardians are grouped into 4 teams, one each for Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Fri.  During Mondays, the teacher will be given a budget for the whole week and the groupings will do the cooking.  Most of the foods that were prepared are veggies – so kids get to eat it nutritious foods.   This is really motivating because little kids who don’t eat veggies eat them at school because the classmates are eating it too.  Call it pagbibida from the kids’ part, but I think this is where the socialization kicks in.  Kids see other kids do it, and then they do it too.

ALPHABET.  October is the month that marked Neo’s identification of alphabets.  He sings a mumbled version of ABC but can identify each and every letter of the alphabet. 

UNITED NATIONS.  This moment is one of my favorite (though I wasn’t able to attend the United Nations Presentation itself).  The kids were asked to dress in whatever costume they have at home.  We don’t have one – so we bought one for Neo.  And tada!  He’s the King of the day. 

During practice session: “Nathaniel Nunag. Indang!” (He really lives in Cavite hahaha)
During the presentation: “Nathaniel Nunag.  England!” (whew! He got it right!)

I am looking forward to every activity Neo has in his school.  It builds his self-confidence and conversational skills.  It also helps him get more interactive to other kids.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

NIU by Vikings

Settled at the 6th floor of SM Aura is a gem for all foodies – NUI by Vikings.  It is a fine dining luxury buffet.  Last Blogapalooza 2014, together with my family, I was treated to a simple food tasting at NIU that left me wanting for more.

I don't want to preempt you so let me show you photos of the interiors of the place and let you be the judge.

And photos of the food offered during our food tasting.

Prices are:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Babypalooza Bazaar 2014

Its Babypalooza Bazaar time again!  Inviting moms, moms-to-be, dads, dads-to-be, and everyone to go to Babypalooza Bazaar which will be held at Walter Hogan Conference Hall, Ateneo, Quezon City on November 29, Saturday from 10am to 7pm.  Admission is Free.

Once again, you will find brand new and pre-loved clothing, gears, and products for babies, kids, and parents.  All these come in different price range that will suit your budget.  So mark your calendars and see you at the Babypalooza Bazaar 2014! J

Thursday, November 20, 2014

MBP Halloween Party

Last October, MommyBloggers Philippines, an online community of mommy bloggers had its first ever Halloween Party.  The Halloween Party was held at Fun Ranch, Ortigas. 

It was a fun-filled family event.  Mommy Bloggers who attended brought their kids along.  The kids were treated to a costume contest and a trick or treat before the event ended.  Some mommies brought their hubbies too J

The party was made possible because of the effort of the party committee and the generous sponsors below.

During the party, mommy bloggers bonded with each other while running after their kids.  Endless chatter and laughter filled Fun Ranch party place.  It was a very memorable experience and a happy one J 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Product Review: The Cream Factory and Saforelle

Being a blogger gives me perks of knowing products that are new and exciting.  Products that are not my usual grocery-supermarket things.  Last MBP Halloween Party, I was introduced to The Cream Factory and Saforelle. 

The Cream Factory

It is made of 100% real goat’s milk and active botanical extracts.  The tagline Dessert for the Skin is really promising. 

It has twelve delicious blends that are a must to try.  You will have a hard time choosing what variant you want to use because all smells good and does really smells like dessert. 

I love using body wash and treat myself to a weekly body scrub.  And since I don’t have the luxury of time to go to the spa, The Cream Factory Bath Cream and Scrub-in-a-Tub is a real treat.

The texture of The Cream Factory Bath Cream does really feel like its milk. 

The Scrub-in-a-Tub body scrub texture is new to me.  Most body scrubs are full of cream and only a small portion of beads for scrubbing.  Scrub-in-a-Tub is different.  It has a lot of beads and doesn’t leave your skin feeling unwashed.

What amazes me is that both The Cream Factory Bath Cream and Body Scrub smells so good – but the smell doesn’t linger.  You will feel revitalized but you still can wear your favorite scent, without the soapy smell that other products has.


Feminine wash is of ultimate importance to bathing for every female.  But are you aware that not all feminine wash are made for daily use?  This is because some of them can cause dryness and itchiness. 

That is why I am so happy to share Saforelle product to you.  It is specially formulated for daily use, and made with Burdock extract which helps sooth, moisturize and cleanse our intimate area.

So don’t forget to treat yourself with The Cream Factory Bath Cream and Body Scrub and Saforelle intimate wash (for ladies only).  Because you deserve this treat J

Friday, November 14, 2014

My Christmas Décor Shopping Haven

I am a very practical shopper.  I shop things on sale and shop things that are of quality materials so I don’t need to buy a lot of times.  I know a lot of you are fond of doing practical shopping at Divisoria and Baclaran.  I love those places too.  But during this time of the year (pre-Christmas), I really don’t want to squeeze myself in between all those people in these two bargaining place.   Or risk being robbed L

Now, there’s another bargain shopping area I love to go for Christmas decors.  Coastal Mall.  This is where the Provincial Terminal is located.  An old mall turned bargain center. 

Look at all the things they sell at cheap prices. 

No need for me to squeeze myself in crowded area.  No need for me to be nervous that I’ll be robbed any moment.  I can shop as much as I want.  They sell brand new items.  But be warned that it’s not brand-new-department-store style.  Mostly old stocks so they sell it at cheaper prices.  Some items need dusting off before displaying – but I don’t mind.  If you’re like me, who wants to buy lots in cheap prices and don’t mind a little dusting before displaying, then this place is for you too  J

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Buttered Mixed Veggies ala Neo’s Mama

I love eating veggies but Neo and his Papa are not so found of it.  So I have to think of ways to make sure they treat their digestive system with nutritious food every now and then. 

This recipe is mine but it was not me who cooked (I always skip cooking if I can :P).

What you need are:

Vegetables (whatever kind you want to)
1 can Jolly Mushrooms
Salt and Pepper

·         Cut the vegetables into desired size (should be small for kids).
·         Heat butter (don’t overdo).
·         Sauté vegetables with garlic.
·         Add 1 can Jolly Mushrooms.
·         Add salt and pepper to taste.

That’s it!  Simple.  Easy.  Delicious.  And Nutritious.

Try it at home J

Monday, November 10, 2014

Toddler Milestone: My Toddler at 35 months

It is no secret to you, my dear readers that even before I gave birth, I already subscribed to TheBump.  This is an online mommy guide where they send weekly and monthly updates of what to except in your baby’s development.

Only one month to go and my little boy will be turning 3 (oh, how time flies…).  Yesterday, I received an update from The Bump.  And here it goes.

My toddler at 35 months.

Have I read it right?  The milestone I should be expecting this month is for little Neo to lie?  I haven’t heard my little one lie yet, but the month is still starting though.  What I have heard countless of times is for Neo to reason out.  He is very quick to answer back with “kasi…” whenever you ask him why.  I am now starting to think that this little boy might become a very good lawyer one day because of this.

How about you mommies?  At this age, did your little one started telling a lie already?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shell Lego Collection #ReadySetBuild

Last Saturday, before going to my workplace, (it was Undas and yes, I need to do some work still), we gas up at Shell near our home and the gasoline boy offered us the New Shell Logo Collection.  And since Neo was with us and he was pointing at the pictures of the Lego Collections, we bought one.  We gas up to Php1,500 and paid Php180 for the Lego Car.

The Lego car kept Neo entertained while I do my work.

We went to SM Mall of Asia for lunch and we chanced upon the promotion of the Shell Lego Collection. 

The hubby participated in a build-the-Lego-Car game and he won and got a prize of another Lego Collection (I think from the old collection).

Neo was so happy with this toy but we have to be very keen when he plays with it because it has a lot of small parts since it’s for 6+ kids.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

Daycare Diaries: September Activities

The start of the ber-months marks another milestone in Neo’s academic life.  At the tender age of 2 (he’ll be turning 3 by December), he has learned a lot.  Without any boastfulness, just being a proud mama, I can say that my little boy’s development is way ahead for his age.

So what are the little boy’s development and daycare diaries for the month of September?  Here they are.

COLORS, SHAPES, ALPHABET.  At his age, my little boy can now identify more than 10 different colors and shapes.  Though he can’t recite the alphabet from A to Z, he can now identify the alphabet.

CLASS PICTURE.  Neo’s first class picture was captured last September.  I don’t want to post the picture because these are not my kids.  But if there’s one thing I notice, out of 21 students only 7 kids plus the teacher is looking at the camera LOL.

FIRST EXAMINATION.  After 3 months of learning, it was time of their first examination.  I was not really pressured when I learned that they will have an exam.  It was Neo’s papa who took on the challenge of teaching his son EVERY NIGHT (the whole week and the week before the exams) before going to bed. 

Papa’s quiz for Neo.

I think the little boy had too much information and pseudo tests exams that he almost perfected the actual one.

One of Neo’s exam results.

FAMILY DAY.  Family Day event for the daycare should be Papa, Mama, and Neo.  But since Mama can’t file for a leave at work, Papa had to be Papa and Mama for the day.  I think both of them enjoyed all the games and bonding time.

Neo playing with his classmates during the Family Day.

Because of all these developments in Neo, I am now very happy with our decision to let him TRY schooling this early.   He gets to learn a lot, he gets to socialize a lot, and he makes us all so proud.

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