Friday, November 28, 2014

Day Care Diaries: October Activities

The year went by so fast for me and for the little one, especially in the academic world that I am still trying to keep up.   Sooner or later, I will be going around our area in searching for the best pre-school that will be Neo’s 2nd home.  But before that, let me share to you what the little boy has learned and did during the month of October.

SCHOOL FEEDING.  Barangay Day Cares under the government are now implementing a school feeding.  For this school year, it started last October and has been a daily thing from Tuesday to Fridays.  Moms or guardians are grouped into 4 teams, one each for Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Fri.  During Mondays, the teacher will be given a budget for the whole week and the groupings will do the cooking.  Most of the foods that were prepared are veggies – so kids get to eat it nutritious foods.   This is really motivating because little kids who don’t eat veggies eat them at school because the classmates are eating it too.  Call it pagbibida from the kids’ part, but I think this is where the socialization kicks in.  Kids see other kids do it, and then they do it too.

ALPHABET.  October is the month that marked Neo’s identification of alphabets.  He sings a mumbled version of ABC but can identify each and every letter of the alphabet. 

UNITED NATIONS.  This moment is one of my favorite (though I wasn’t able to attend the United Nations Presentation itself).  The kids were asked to dress in whatever costume they have at home.  We don’t have one – so we bought one for Neo.  And tada!  He’s the King of the day. 

During practice session: “Nathaniel Nunag. Indang!” (He really lives in Cavite hahaha)
During the presentation: “Nathaniel Nunag.  England!” (whew! He got it right!)

I am looking forward to every activity Neo has in his school.  It builds his self-confidence and conversational skills.  It also helps him get more interactive to other kids.


  1. Oooh Neo... you are so cute! Chubby chubby! See you soon. :)

    1. thanks, Jen :) sarap nga kurutin ng chubby cheeks nya e.


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