Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hong Kong 2014: Budget and Itinerary

Travelling out of the country needs careful planning and budgeting.  This was the case of the Hong Kong vacation we took at the last week of November.  This was an early birthday present for the little boy – who’ll be celebrating his special day on the second week of December.

Since we traveled as a group of 7 (me, the hubby, both set of Lolos and Lolas, and the little boy), our itinerary was a laid back one.  We don’t want to be rushing and squeezing attractions in a day.  We don’t want to plan trips and end up getting disappointed because we weren’t able to follow it. 

We flew to Hong Kong in two groups.  Me, the hubby, and Neo had a morning flight from Manila.  The Lolos and Lolas had an evening flight from Clark.  Since we were almost a day early, we checked-in at the guesthouse and visited Avenue of Stars.  Later in the afternoon we toured Mongkok and then went to the airport to fetch the Lolos and Lolas.

Our second day was spent touring Ngong Ping Village and Tung Chung area.  

Our third day was dedicated to Disneyland.  

And our last day was spent at The Peak and watching the Symphony of Lights.

Here’s the breakdown of our travel budget per person.

Airfare to-and-from Hong Kong

Php 4000 (booked on sale)

Travel Tax and Terminal Fee
Php 1620 + Php550
(Php 810 + Php550 for kids)

Php 7000 (5days / 4nights)

Hong Kong Disneyland

HKD 430 (discounted ticket)
Ngong Ping Cable Car 2-way

HKD 150
The Peak, Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum, and Sky Terrace

HKD 290 (discounted ticket)
Using Octopus Card

HKD 300
Meals and Water

HKD 620
Shopping, Souvenirs and Pasalubongs

HKD 850


  1. Hi Nerisa,

    How's the trip? Naappreciate na ba ni Neo ang Disneyland? I am hesitant kasi of you know bringing ayvan in the province or abroad kasi he is too young pa but I know Neo traveled na that much. I am just not sure if how he handles it. But knowing Neo as tahimik and behave, mejo magkaiba siguro sila ng reaction ng ayvan ko. Hehe.

    Anyway, this post is informative (monetarily) for those who are planning to go in HK.

    1. Thanks, Jen.

      Neo is super likot and kulit din - need lang sakyan what he likes and what he does. He enjoys travelling e lalo na the part na we rode the airplane and the bus. He loves Disneyland too (and all other places we toured).

  2. Not bad with the budget. Nice. :) I would have to wait muna siguro for Little V to grow a bit bigger before we go so he can experience most of the rides in Disneyland.

    1. thanks. we need to plan a budget and stick to it. Hong Kong is an expensive place pa naman hehe

  3. Nerisa, parang summer ang HK vacation mo. You were wearing shorts haha:-) Last time we got there was on a November and January. And we were so cold as in.

    1. Lanie, super aliwalas ng panahon when we were there. Cold na warm. I'm taking notes nga to go back on the same time too e.


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