Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shell Lego Collection #ReadySetBuild

Last Saturday, before going to my workplace, (it was Undas and yes, I need to do some work still), we gas up at Shell near our home and the gasoline boy offered us the New Shell Logo Collection.  And since Neo was with us and he was pointing at the pictures of the Lego Collections, we bought one.  We gas up to Php1,500 and paid Php180 for the Lego Car.

The Lego car kept Neo entertained while I do my work.

We went to SM Mall of Asia for lunch and we chanced upon the promotion of the Shell Lego Collection. 

The hubby participated in a build-the-Lego-Car game and he won and got a prize of another Lego Collection (I think from the old collection).

Neo was so happy with this toy but we have to be very keen when he plays with it because it has a lot of small parts since it’s for 6+ kids.  

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  1. hello baby Neo! you're so nakakagigil! can i bite you? :p :p :p


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