Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Product Review: The Cream Factory and Saforelle

Being a blogger gives me perks of knowing products that are new and exciting.  Products that are not my usual grocery-supermarket things.  Last MBP Halloween Party, I was introduced to The Cream Factory and Saforelle. 

The Cream Factory

It is made of 100% real goat’s milk and active botanical extracts.  The tagline Dessert for the Skin is really promising. 

It has twelve delicious blends that are a must to try.  You will have a hard time choosing what variant you want to use because all smells good and does really smells like dessert. 

I love using body wash and treat myself to a weekly body scrub.  And since I don’t have the luxury of time to go to the spa, The Cream Factory Bath Cream and Scrub-in-a-Tub is a real treat.

The texture of The Cream Factory Bath Cream does really feel like its milk. 

The Scrub-in-a-Tub body scrub texture is new to me.  Most body scrubs are full of cream and only a small portion of beads for scrubbing.  Scrub-in-a-Tub is different.  It has a lot of beads and doesn’t leave your skin feeling unwashed.

What amazes me is that both The Cream Factory Bath Cream and Body Scrub smells so good – but the smell doesn’t linger.  You will feel revitalized but you still can wear your favorite scent, without the soapy smell that other products has.


Feminine wash is of ultimate importance to bathing for every female.  But are you aware that not all feminine wash are made for daily use?  This is because some of them can cause dryness and itchiness. 

That is why I am so happy to share Saforelle product to you.  It is specially formulated for daily use, and made with Burdock extract which helps sooth, moisturize and cleanse our intimate area.

So don’t forget to treat yourself with The Cream Factory Bath Cream and Body Scrub and Saforelle intimate wash (for ladies only).  Because you deserve this treat J

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