Monday, November 10, 2014

Toddler Milestone: My Toddler at 35 months

It is no secret to you, my dear readers that even before I gave birth, I already subscribed to TheBump.  This is an online mommy guide where they send weekly and monthly updates of what to except in your baby’s development.

Only one month to go and my little boy will be turning 3 (oh, how time flies…).  Yesterday, I received an update from The Bump.  And here it goes.

My toddler at 35 months.

Have I read it right?  The milestone I should be expecting this month is for little Neo to lie?  I haven’t heard my little one lie yet, but the month is still starting though.  What I have heard countless of times is for Neo to reason out.  He is very quick to answer back with “kasi…” whenever you ask him why.  I am now starting to think that this little boy might become a very good lawyer one day because of this.

How about you mommies?  At this age, did your little one started telling a lie already?

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