Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Neo!

Three years ago, I was blessed with a gift that taught me a lot of things.  This gift taught me how to love someone a thousand times more than myself.  It also taught me how to care, be responsible, and be understanding even when situation seems to be out of control.  This gift taught me how to be selfless.

This gift also gave life a whole new meaning.  That happiness happens continuously not just in a split second.  That being a beautiful person is not just what you have outside and inside but what positive things you can channel to others too.  That you can give more than what you have – and this is not just the material things.  That loving means so much more than just a simple I love you.   

This gift called motherhood is what I received three years ago when my little boy was born.  Thank you, anak, for making Mama a better person because you came into Mama’s life.

Happy birthday, Neo.


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