Thursday, January 22, 2015

Food Panda Special Delivery

I have blogged about FoodPanda Delivery last year.  I was so pleased with their service that I wanted to try them again.  But with some twist.

Food delivery has gone through a lot of innovations already.  What sets Food Panda apart from the rest is that 1) I can order online, 2) receive updates online through emails and phone call, and 3) pay online - though I can also choose to pay upon delivery.  Most food delivery will only allow me to pay upon receipt of food.   

So what’s the twist about this Food Panda Delivery I made?  I ordered online and sent it to the hubby.  All I did was follow the easy procedure of Food Panda.  I entered all necessary details:  the hubby’s name (because the delivery man will be looking for him), his mobile number (because they will contact him in case they get lost), his office address, and my email address – it’s a surprise so, I don’t want him pre-empted that I have food delivered to him.

Food Panda allowed me to pay for my purchased online.  They also sent several emails to me to verify my orders.

The hubby was surprised when the office guard called him that he has a delivery. J  (Sadly he didn't took a photo of the food).  That is something you can do too.  Go visit Food Panda today and send love through food delivery.  Ooops, you can also download the Food Panda app via their website for your convenience. 

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