Friday, February 27, 2015

Day Care Diaries: December and January Activities

The months of December and January came in a breeze for the little one.  This is mainly because both months has a lot of holidays given that December is the Christmas season and January is when Pope Francis arrived here in the Philippines.

Aside from the normal daily activities that the Day Care has for their students like School Feeding and Coloring and Assignments, they also celebrated their Christmas Party. 

CHRISTMAS PARTY.  Sadly, we don’t have a picture of their Christmas Party.  It was moved from one date to another that it was so hard for us to get a leave from work.  But we were informed that the little boy was so happy and participated in a lot of games.

SINGING.  Neo has learned a lot of songs these past months.  From Twinkle, Twinkle to Head, Shoulders…, to Bahay Kubo.  Ooops, he also knows Pusong Bato too J (Thanks to The Ryzza Mae Show).

RECITATION.  Last month, their teacher started calling students to recite colors, shapes, and alphabets in front of the class.  This develops the little boy’s confidence as mommies and guardians clap their hands whenever a kid answers correctly.

As a side note, we got news that Barangay Day Cares would be imposing age bracket for the next school year.  This is in line with the K-12 program.  With Neo’s age, he won’t be permitted to go back to the Barangay Day Care because they not accept kids whose birthdate falls later than June 2011.  So Neo, whose birthday falls on December 2011, won't be accepted at Baranggay Day Care next year. 

Now we are planning to enroll Neo in another school or enroll him in a different program that focuses on a particular activity.  What would be a good decision?  Hmmmm…

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blogopolis: Shifting Gears

Last Saturday, February 21st, Nuffnang Philippines held Blogopolis 2015 at Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati.  Thanks to The Soshal Network, I was given a chance to attend this event.  Registration started at 1130AM.  The event proper started at 130PM.

Since I arrived around 12PM, I was able to roam around the sponsors’ booth area where I get to know the sponsors and brands and was treated to different games and tokens.

This is my first time to attend a seminar/talk about blogging and social media and I really learned a lot.  The event was hosted by Karla Aguas and Justin Quirino.  

Blogopolis: Shifting Gears was divided into four (4) different segments – each segment has three to four subcategories with different speakers that are all reputable figures in their field. 

Segment One – Movement: Social Relevance
Speakers: Ivan Henares of, Senator Bam Aquino,, and Gang Badong

Ivan Henares talked about the importance of heritage, culture and tourism in today’s social culture.  Senator Bam Aquino talked about using social media as a tool to disseminate relevant news and information.  The lovely ladies from talked about audience reaction towards viral content.  And lastly, Gang Badong talked about empowerment of advocacies through social media.

“Not all negative comments deserve a negative response.”

Speakers of Segment One.  L-R Ivan Henares, Senator Bam Aquino,, Gang Badong.

Segment Two – Machinery: Content Shift
Speakers: Abe Olandres of, Josh Villanueva, Jeff Lo of, and Jackie Go of

The second segment focused on content.  Abe Olandres talked about blogger’s options to expansion of content.  Josh Villanueva talked about how he decided to quit his job to become a youtubber.  Jeff Lo inspired the audience on expanding beyond social media through offline endeavors.  Jackie Go talked about the the three Cs of blogging which is the Content, Connectivity, and Core. 

“Content is king.”

Speakers of Segment Two.  L-R Abe Olandres, Josh Villanueva, Jeff Lo, Jackie Go.

Segment Three – Accessory: Social Marketing
Speakers: Googly Gooeys, Revo Naval, and Jim Paredes

The third segment focused on marketing.  The Googly Gooeys inspired everyone to go global and how to maximize opportunity beyond borders.  Revo Naval talked about craftsmanship and shifting to communication platforms.  Jim Paredes talked about the accessibility of apps.

“Creativity + Collaboration = Product and Communication Innovation.”

Speakers of Segment Three.  Top: Googly Gooeys, L-R bottom: Revo Naval, Jim Paredes.

Segment Four – News Online
Speakers:  Stacy de Jesus of and Tony Velasquez of ANC

Segment four focused on news online.  Stacy de Jesus talked about how social media can be used in news delivery.  Tony Velasquez talked about political participation through social media.

Speakers of Segment Four.  Top: Stacy de Jesus. Bottom: Tony Velasquez.

By 3pm, Dusit Thani Hotel made sure the participants and speakers were treated to a delicious mirienda

Personally, I find the almost 8 hours seminar/talk/event an inspiration.  From improving the content of my blog, to connecting and reacting to my blog readers, to using my blog as a platform for relevant news and information, to innovating offline, and to dreaming higher reach.

Blogopolis: Shifting Gears is such a wonderful event and I'll be looking at attending more events like this. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Maxicare EReady Card

Taking care of our health should always be one of our top most priorities in life.  After all, how can a person work and earn for a living if he or she is not healthy.  Sickness will always be our enemy.  Being sick will not just rob us of our health, but also with our money and our emotional disposition.

I am lucky to be working in a company that offers me good medical benefits.  And we are lucky as a family because the hubby’s company offered each of us HMO benefits.  So whenever we get sick, we are secured that the bills will be covered.  

But this is not the case for my parents.  They don’t work in a company that offers the same medical benefit.  And needless to say, when they get sick, we as children are affected as well.

It’s a good thing I was introduced to Maxicare EREady card last Blogapalooza

What are the details of Maxicare EReady card?
·         It can be used for illnesses or injuries that are defined as emergency, which means it’s immediate and urgent in nature.
·         It is divided into 2 plans.  PLAN1 cost Php549 without access to 6 major hospitals.  PLAN2 cost Php749 with access to 6 major hospitals namely: Asian Hospital Medical Center, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, St. Lukes Medical Center Quezon City and Global City, Makati Medical Center, and The Medical City.
·         It’s a one-time availment with Php15,000 coverage for emergency cases.
·         It has one-year validity.
·         Easy SMS enrollment registration.
·         It has Life AD&D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment) up to Php25,000 with Double Indemnity Feature.
·         Card holder is entitled 20% discount on Metro Dental, and 15% discount from My Health Clinics.

Where can you get one?
You can purchase it at Maxicare’s head office at Makati or from their agents.  

We bought each of my parents Maxicare EReady card because nobody is ever prepared when 
it comes to emergency. 

Note this is not a sponsored post.  There are other HMO companies that offer coverage of the same extent or better.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Zhearl Rhia’s Grill & Restaurant

My family loves eating out and we particularly love eating at buffets.  If there’s any celebration to make, we go to buffet restaurants and eat.  But because of the booming buffet eat-all-you-can industry, a lot of people are like us – and thus lots of buffet restaurants are fully booked.

We have 2 buffet restaurants that we can call our go-to restos.  These are restaurants that seldom needed reservations (except of course during holidays).  The first one is TramwayBay View Buffet which is located along Roxas Boulevard.  The second one is Zhearl Rhia’s located along Centennial Road at Kawit, Cavite.

Lunch buffet costs Php220 with additional Php35 for bottomless iced tea.  

Last Valentine’s Day, which is the same day as my mom’s birthday and we don't have any plans yet for that day, we had lunch at Zhearl Rhia’s.  We don't have reservations, so we opted to come early, 5mins after their opening time so we are sure to have seats. Let me photo blog for you.

Entrance with the makulit little boy.

Our table for the day. 
Zhearl Rhia has a small area.  I think it can accommodate at around 100 - 150 people only (my guestimate).  They have a small stage where performers (they have performers for dinner buffet with occasions).

The small stage area with the little performer. J

Different dishes.  They replenish dishes so make sure to try all.

I really love their side dishes.

Mandatory family picture. 

The staff at Zhearl Rhia’s, from the guard/barker outside that helps on the parking to the waiter and waitresses, to the owner, are all very courteous.  They always greet people and every now and then would say “enjoy your food” to their customers.  Talk about good customer service J

They gave my mom a small heart shaped cake since it’s her birthday. 

We have dined at Zhearl Rhia’s a lot of times and we will be dining there a lot more to go. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Teaching Neo to Save: The Coin Bank

Growing up in a family that is neither rich nor poor – but has only what we need has taught me to save.  I grew up not having the latest toy nor the most fashionable outfit.  This has taught me the value of money and thus is what I want to teach my son.

Teaching a little boy of age 2 years to save is not difficult.  Because at this early age, you don’t have to teach him the value of money (he won’t understand it even if I try), all you have to do is teach him to save.  This is my opinion alone, if you teach your kid that money can buy a lot of things, the tendencies are, he won’t be after the things alone, he will be after the money. 

We started teaching Neo how to save by going back to the basics: his own coin bank.  Every time we have a five or ten peso coin, we give it to Neo so he will put it in his coin bank.  He will count (not by fives or tens but by 1,2,3s) whenever he puts his coin.  Every time he puts a coin, we will ask him what he will buy with his coin bank money.  His answers vary depending on what he fancies during the time of questioning.

We helped him through: ESTABLISHING A GOAL.  We always asked Neo what will he buy with the money in his coin bank.  He answers differently.  But we always ensure that he knows that because he saves he can get something from it.

After months of saving, Neo opened his coin bank last Christmas – and all his 5-peso and 10-peso coins combined amounted to Php2,220! J  We already bought Neo lots of toys for Christmas, so we didn’t buy something with his coin bank money.  We instead put it in his bank account.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Book Review: 7 Things Every Wife Should Know

Last year I shared to you a book review of Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood.  Ladies, married or not, I still encourage you to read it as it will help us be more beautiful in the eyes of men.  Now, I’ll be adding another book that will help us, women, to be more charming to men, our husbands specifically.  It’s the book by Viviene Bigornia called 7 Things Every Wife Should Know.

There are 7 points raised in this book that will help grow and deepen our marriage.  In acronym its: T.R.I.U.M.P.H.

T – Triumphant Perspective.  No marriage is perfect.  It has all the joys and sadness, ups and downs.  We have to embrace it with a positive perspective. 

R – Respect and Submission.  The Bible has always been consistent in reminding us, wives, to submit to our husbands.  This is a very difficult thing for women nowadays, but has always reaped good rewards for the family.

I – Independence.  As a couple, you have to be dependent on each other – and be independent to others. 

U – Unconditional Love.  Whenever trials come to your marriage, always remember, how you love one another.

M – Marital Intimacy.  Romance and intimacy should be a priority in your marriage.  It helps you bond with each other.

P – Prudence.  Money has always been a cause of rift in marriage.  Be prudent in all the resources that you have. 

H – Humility.  You have to be humble and make God the center of your marriage as it is the only way to have a strong one.

The author of this book, Viviene, is kind enough to give you, my readers, 15% discount when you purchase this book up until end of February with free shipping nationwide.  Just shoot me a comment below so I can send her your details.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Experience the Extreme at Tree Top Adventure Baguio

Extreme relaxation and extreme adventure come together at the same time at Tree Top Adventure Baguio, the only Team Building facility in Baguio and that housed the only motorized zipline in the country.  Located within Camp John Hay, Tree Top Adventure Baguio has seven outdoor team building facilities and outdoor activities.

There are different activities to try at Tree Top Adventure Baguio.  Thrill seekers can try extreme adventure by experiencing the Tree Drop, which cost only Php150, wherein they will be suspended 60feet above the ground and fall as fast as 2-3 seconds.  There are also tandem rides, the Superman Ride and Silver Surfer, which cost Php300 and Php200 respectively.  Another attraction you can try is the Canopy and Funicular ride which cost Php350 – it’s like a cable car that has 8 stations.

Tree Top Adventure Baguio also offers Team Building that includes facilitator, lunch, and different activities that cost Php800 per person. 

You can also check out Tree Top Adventure Subic located at JEST Area, Upper Mau Subic Bay. 

For more information please visit:

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Day Trip in Tagaytay

Last January, when Pope Francis visited our country, those working at NCR were treated to a 5-day holiday.  This is to clear the roads for the Papal visit and to allow most of us some time to meditate about our faith.

We have been watching the coverage of the Papal visit on television.  We didn’t brave the crowd.  We were just at home except for Saturday, when we decided to leave the house and spend a day in Tagaytay.

Our first stop was Picnic Grove.  We wanted to have our lunch there – but we failed to bring food, so we ate at the restaurant inside the Picnic Grove.  I forgot the name of the restaurant, but it’s the only restaurant inside.  The food is expensive.  If I learned something from this trip: it’s to bring food when you go to Picnic Grove.  Entrance fee is Php50 and Car Entrance is Php35.  We just roam around after eating.

There are a lot of things to do at Picnic Grove.  You can just hang around and sit on the grass and picnic huts to savor the view.  Or you can try the zipline.  You can also try horseback riding.  It also has a walking path that span across the area.

Braving the hanging bridge.

Papa holding Neo tightly because the area is steep.

Then we decided to go to Sonya’s Garden.  This is our first time to visit the place.  They have an area for walk-ins where in you can shop for organic foods, souvenirs, and bread.  We bought bread at the Panaderia – and their Spanish bread is the best I had ever tasted so far.

Neo took this photo of us. 

 Afterwards, we went to Mahogany Market to take out some Bulalo for dinner which cost us Php350.  There are a lot of vendors selling espasol, and since I am craving for it, I bought 3packs for Php100 at the first vendor who approached me, only to be approached by a second vendor selling her espasol at 8packs for Php100.  Now I learned my lesson to haggle always. 

This Tagaytay trip was an impromptu one but we enjoyed every bit of it.  J

Monday, February 2, 2015

Peekapak Giveaway

Our children’s education is always of topmost importance for us parents.  This is one of the most valuable things we can give to our kids.  We may have different opinions and preferences when it comes to our children’s education but we always want the best.

Parents nowadays are very lucky that the online community has products that we can use.  One of these is Peekapak.

Peekapak was founded by Ami-Shah and Angie Chan last 2013.  It offers activity packs for children that both teachers and parents can use.  Peekapak targets to improve learning results in early childhood education by crafting collaborative materials for parents and teachers to use.

I was given a chance to try their products which includes a story book entitled: The Tree of 
Happiness.  It comes with a lesson plan and different activities that my child can try.  This is really amazing because either you are homeschooling you child or they go to school, you can use the materials. 

Peekapak has offered to give 10 of my readers a chance to get free access to their curriculum for 6 months which is valued at $15 per month! J

All you have to do is:
Like Baby Neo’s Mama’s FB page and comment your name and email address below.

Note that:  Giveaway will end by February 13.  Baby Neo’s Mama was not paid to host this giveaway and will not be accountable in sending the prizes.  Peekapak will directly give the prizes to the winners.

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