Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blogopolis: Shifting Gears

Last Saturday, February 21st, Nuffnang Philippines held Blogopolis 2015 at Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati.  Thanks to The Soshal Network, I was given a chance to attend this event.  Registration started at 1130AM.  The event proper started at 130PM.

Since I arrived around 12PM, I was able to roam around the sponsors’ booth area where I get to know the sponsors and brands and was treated to different games and tokens.

This is my first time to attend a seminar/talk about blogging and social media and I really learned a lot.  The event was hosted by Karla Aguas and Justin Quirino.  

Blogopolis: Shifting Gears was divided into four (4) different segments – each segment has three to four subcategories with different speakers that are all reputable figures in their field. 

Segment One – Movement: Social Relevance
Speakers: Ivan Henares of, Senator Bam Aquino,, and Gang Badong

Ivan Henares talked about the importance of heritage, culture and tourism in today’s social culture.  Senator Bam Aquino talked about using social media as a tool to disseminate relevant news and information.  The lovely ladies from talked about audience reaction towards viral content.  And lastly, Gang Badong talked about empowerment of advocacies through social media.

“Not all negative comments deserve a negative response.”

Speakers of Segment One.  L-R Ivan Henares, Senator Bam Aquino,, Gang Badong.

Segment Two – Machinery: Content Shift
Speakers: Abe Olandres of, Josh Villanueva, Jeff Lo of, and Jackie Go of

The second segment focused on content.  Abe Olandres talked about blogger’s options to expansion of content.  Josh Villanueva talked about how he decided to quit his job to become a youtubber.  Jeff Lo inspired the audience on expanding beyond social media through offline endeavors.  Jackie Go talked about the the three Cs of blogging which is the Content, Connectivity, and Core. 

“Content is king.”

Speakers of Segment Two.  L-R Abe Olandres, Josh Villanueva, Jeff Lo, Jackie Go.

Segment Three – Accessory: Social Marketing
Speakers: Googly Gooeys, Revo Naval, and Jim Paredes

The third segment focused on marketing.  The Googly Gooeys inspired everyone to go global and how to maximize opportunity beyond borders.  Revo Naval talked about craftsmanship and shifting to communication platforms.  Jim Paredes talked about the accessibility of apps.

“Creativity + Collaboration = Product and Communication Innovation.”

Speakers of Segment Three.  Top: Googly Gooeys, L-R bottom: Revo Naval, Jim Paredes.

Segment Four – News Online
Speakers:  Stacy de Jesus of and Tony Velasquez of ANC

Segment four focused on news online.  Stacy de Jesus talked about how social media can be used in news delivery.  Tony Velasquez talked about political participation through social media.

Speakers of Segment Four.  Top: Stacy de Jesus. Bottom: Tony Velasquez.

By 3pm, Dusit Thani Hotel made sure the participants and speakers were treated to a delicious mirienda

Personally, I find the almost 8 hours seminar/talk/event an inspiration.  From improving the content of my blog, to connecting and reacting to my blog readers, to using my blog as a platform for relevant news and information, to innovating offline, and to dreaming higher reach.

Blogopolis: Shifting Gears is such a wonderful event and I'll be looking at attending more events like this. 


  1. It must have been an awesome learning experience! Sayang, I missed this event :( I got a free ticket c/o Nuffnang but I wasn't feeling well that day.

    1. I had a super nice experience at Blogopolis. Nung una I thought it would be like other blogging events I attended na go to sponsors booth and hi-hello. This so different and the speakers are so inspiring. Sayang you weren't able to come. I hope you're feeling better na.


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