Friday, February 27, 2015

Day Care Diaries: December and January Activities

The months of December and January came in a breeze for the little one.  This is mainly because both months has a lot of holidays given that December is the Christmas season and January is when Pope Francis arrived here in the Philippines.

Aside from the normal daily activities that the Day Care has for their students like School Feeding and Coloring and Assignments, they also celebrated their Christmas Party. 

CHRISTMAS PARTY.  Sadly, we don’t have a picture of their Christmas Party.  It was moved from one date to another that it was so hard for us to get a leave from work.  But we were informed that the little boy was so happy and participated in a lot of games.

SINGING.  Neo has learned a lot of songs these past months.  From Twinkle, Twinkle to Head, Shoulders…, to Bahay Kubo.  Ooops, he also knows Pusong Bato too J (Thanks to The Ryzza Mae Show).

RECITATION.  Last month, their teacher started calling students to recite colors, shapes, and alphabets in front of the class.  This develops the little boy’s confidence as mommies and guardians clap their hands whenever a kid answers correctly.

As a side note, we got news that Barangay Day Cares would be imposing age bracket for the next school year.  This is in line with the K-12 program.  With Neo’s age, he won’t be permitted to go back to the Barangay Day Care because they not accept kids whose birthdate falls later than June 2011.  So Neo, whose birthday falls on December 2011, won't be accepted at Baranggay Day Care next year. 

Now we are planning to enroll Neo in another school or enroll him in a different program that focuses on a particular activity.  What would be a good decision?  Hmmmm…

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