Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Quick Nuvali Visit

We have been visiting Nuvali countless of times but has never stayed and savor the area.  It would always be a quick meet, eat, and go home adventure.  And it still was the case last Saturday when my side of the family decided to visit the popular recreation area.

We arrived at Nuvali sometime around 5pm, walked around the area, ate, and then went home.  It was another quick visit but we were able to check out (though we didn’t try) what this famous area has to offer.

We only roamed around Solenad 1 where there are a lot of restaurants to dine at.  Paseo offers a lot of stalls for branded items (shoes, clothes, bags, etc.) that is very conducive for shopping. 

Solenad 1 offers more activities.  When we arrived, there’s a zumba class taking place at the middle of the area.  There’s another part for the little kids to drive around mini vehicles, which my little boy enjoyed a lot.

We also fed the ever hungry Koi fishes.  Every time we go to Nuvali, these Koi fishes look so pitiful.  It’s as if they’re not fed at all.  L  So if you go to Nuvali, don’t forget to buy feeds, which is available at a small stall near the Koi fishes, and feed them.

If you have more time, which we didn’t, you can also go biking around the designated area.  There are bikes for rent.  You can also try boating.

We had a quick dinner at Crisostomo’s and off we went home.   

My happy family. J

Someday, when we are not busy bees, we will visit this place and just try their picnic area, savor the view and enjoy. 

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