Monday, March 30, 2015

Boracay 2015

It was four years ago when the hubby and I set foot in Boracay.  Since we are blessed with a son who loves water so much, it is but right to bring him to this wonderful island.  This trip wasn’t planned long but it was well spent.

We started our day so early, because we need to catch an early flight (6AM).  We parked our car at the multi-level parking of NAIA Terminal 3 – which offers overnight parking for Php300 per night.

We didn't avail for any package going to Boracay.  We opted to do-it-ourselves and it was really easy.  We didn't plan any itineraries for our 3 days/2 nights vacation because we just wanted to spend our time beach bumming. 

When we arrived at Boracay, we had breakfast at McDonalds at D’mall and waited for our hotel shuttle to arrive.  We arrived at Alta Vista de Boracay before 10am, and we were allowed early check-in (normal check-in time is 2pm).  After check-in, we changed to our swimming attires and off to the white beach we go.

Alta Vista de Boracay – our home for 3 days.

Since it’s a weekday and is not yet officially summer (because some kids still are in school), Boracay is not crowded.  The white beach still is so beautiful and pristine.  My little boy got so in love with the powdery sands of Boracay.

Beautiful powdery sands of Boracay. 

But nothing compares to swimming at the beach, and we all enjoyed it a lot.  The only drawback is the lumot (moss) at the beach.  It is evident all over white beach but is really prominent during afternoon when the beach hits low tide. 

Lumot everywhere during low tide.
I don’t think my little man mind the lumot though.

We walked from Station 2 where our hotel shuttle dropped us off to Station 3 and then turn back to walk again to Station 1 where Willy's Rock is located.  The little boy didn't complain and was really eager in walking at the beach even with all the lumot. 

This is not a rant but a request.  You see there are a lot of people wanting to take their pictures in Willy’s Rock (the above ‘grotto’).  When we decided to go there, a lot of people, locals, tourist, and foreigners, are queuing to have their photos taken.  However, there’s a woman who was sitting at the grotto.  Her daughter already told her to stand up because a lot of people are queuing to have their photos taken.  The woman didn’t stand up; instead she answered “edi magpicture sila kasama ako” and stayed there even after we went down.  I think that’s a bit mean. Let us be respectful and be more sensitive with other people (locals and tourist alike).

The morning of our second day was spent at Puka Shell Beach.  Compared to the White Beach, Puka Beach has deep water levels (biglang lalim) and the waves are rougher, so we opted to walk along the beach side instead of swimming.  Our hotel offers free shuttle to Puka Beach and they have beach chairs for hotel guests.  You can opt to rent a tricycle going there.  If I remember it correctly, Puka Beach has no electricity after 5PM.  Also, there are a lot of locals offering lunch at Puka, if you want to stay there for the whole day.  Side note:  Fresh Buko Juice cost Php100.  The practical mommy in me cannot stomach the price (because at Cavite, Buko itself cost Php25 only).

Since we have our little boy with us, we didn’t try any water activities.  We just relaxed and swam to our hearts content.  Boracay will always be a place to relax and unwind and savor God’s beautiful creations.  Can’t wait for the next time we visit this lovely place.


  1. Hi Nerisa! I'm sure it was not a Boracay local who was sitting on that grotto at the Willy's Rock. I'd also be offended if I were in your own shoes!


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