Monday, March 16, 2015

Farm-filled Adventure at Paradizoo

At the age of three, Neo is starting to show fascinations in animals.  Gadgets gave him the opportunity to play with them virtually but from time to time we also wanted him to experience and see what real animals look like.  We already visited lots of zoos and would love to explore more.

We decided to visit Paradizoo, a theme farm located at Mendez Cavite.  It was not so hard for us to locate the area, thanks to Waze.  But if you plan to commute, I suggest you go to Residence Inn where they offer free shuttle ride to Paradizoo (because this area is not really located in the highway and commuting can be tough).

Paradizoo’s area is so vast that we often feel we are the only people in the farm.  Let me share to you some photos and snippets of what you can see and try at Paradizoo.

Greetings from the cute flower pots and the cute little boy!

Animals of different kinds.  Horses, cows, boars, dogs, goats, and even camels.

Paradizoo is home to Voltes V.  The five-legged cow.

An albino carabao that they use to tour the visitors.  It cost Php100 per head for the tour.

Birds of different kinds too.  Ostrich, love birds, chicken, and goose.

Butterflies and Bees. 

The butterflies love my legs because the lotion I used was sweet scented.

Wide array of vegetables and flowers.

The Hydrophonic Farm.  We bought some lettuce, because I love eating salads.  The hubby bought some seeds because he wants to try growing them.  Crossing my fingers he gets lucky.

Bahay Kubo’s different plants.  These area is supposed to have vegetables that correspond to the Bahay Kubo song.  But I only saw Kamatis and Bawang.

The Perpetual Cemetery where you can bury your pets. 

The playground for kids to enjoy.  Entrance is Php20.

There are other activities that you can do but we weren't able to, like feeding the love birds, feeding the cows and camels, milking the goats, and fish spa.  These are all for minimal fees (no more than Php50 each activity).

Paradizoo has a vast area and the little boy enjoyed running around it.

See that small kid?  That’s my little boy running around.

Entrance Fee for Adult and Children is Php149.  Children below 3ft are free of charge.

To cap the visit, we let the little boy ride a horse.  Yes, that’s not a pony but a mommy horse; it’s just that she’s small.

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