Thursday, March 26, 2015

Neo’s Araw ng Pagkilala

Last March 17 marked a very special moment in my little boy’s life.  It is his first Araw ng Pagkilala or Recognition Day.  The event went on quickly with a very short program (which I think is a must because little kids get bored easily).  After the opening speech of our town’s vice-mayor, four councilors, and our town’s first lady, all students from four (4) barangays we’re called to go to the stage with their parent and received their recognition certificate and awards. 

It was a quick program, but a very special one for us.  You see, last June 2014, when the hubby and I decided to enroll Neo in Day Care, we weren’t expecting anything from him.  He’s just 2 years and 6 months then.  No expectations.  We just enrolled him to be a ‘saling cat-cat’.   We just wanted him to enjoy and be with kids around his age.

During the course of his ten (10) months in Day Care, with me putting up a blog segment entitled: Day Care Diaries – to record the entire monthly progress of the little boy, I could say that my Neo has grown into a very intelligent young boy.  I didn’t expect him to learn a lot of things and didn’t even anticipate that he can finish the whole school year.  But he did.

What got me surprised and was really a proud moment for me was that my little boy has an award, Batang Magalang.  Apparently, he greats his teacher good morning always and doesn’t leave the day care without giving a respectful bless (mano) to his teacher (and sometimes to other parents or guardians).  Wow.

We are so proud of you little boy.  We love you so much.

PS: When I was in nursery, I got the same award too J


  1. wow! We are so proud of baby Neo! hehehe! celebrate na yan! :))))

    1. Thanks tita Bevs. Yep, need i-celebrate. ;)


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