Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rio Villa Nuevo Mineral Resort and Public Pool Swimming Notes

During summer we always treat our kids to vacations that involve swimming.  A popular destination for pool swimming is Pansol at Laguna because of its hot spring resorts.  But have you tried going to mineral spring resort?  If not, try going to Indang Cavite. 

Rio Villa Nuevo Mineral Resort is located at Brgy Tambo Kulit Indang Cavite.  It boasts of almost 10 swimming pools with cold mineral water.  Yes. Cold.

Entrance fee for adults is Php150 and Php100 for kids.  We went there last Good Friday and arrived at past 9am.  The resort is full that we don’t even have a cottage of our own.  We were given a lose table for Php120.

This is our first time to go to a public pool outing that’s just the four of us (me, the hubby, Neo, and ate Espie).  And we have a lot to learn.

RESERVATIONS.  It’s a last minute plan and we don’t have reservations hence the lose table scenario.  Don’t forget to reserve ahead of time especially if you plan to go during peak season.

FOOD.  Because Trece Martires’ Public Market is on the day to Indang, we stopped by and bought food.  We bought so much food that’s good for almost 10 people.  We even brought home our excess food for that day.

Adidas, anyone? 

UTILITIES.  Since it’s a public pool, and you pay for the entrance and space alone, don’t forget to bring utilities with you.  We forgot to bring our own grill and matches, good thing we were able to borrow grill from the resort.  Our survival skill paved way in lighting the charcoals without matches hehe.  We also forgot to bring dishwashing liquid.  The resort has a sari-sari store that sells stuff at an incredibly high price.  Better bring your own.

Checklist of utilities to bring:
·         Food (whatever you want to eat at the resort).
·         Charcoal, matches, grill, foil.
·         Water.  Ice tubes/cubes.
·         Plastics.  Lots of them.  Big and small.  Big ones for your wet clothes.  Small ones for excess food and all others.
·         Toiletries – shampoo, soap,
·         Clothes.  Swimming attire. Towels. 
·         Utensils, plates, glasses, tong, dishwashing liquid, sponge.

BASIC FIRST AID.  Never leave the house without it.  During our quick getaway, Neo scraped both knees and feet.  We have alcohol and Band-Aid’s ready, but he prefers to dip in the pool and forgot that it’s aching.

MIND YOUR BELONGINGS.  It’s a public area and thus all people can pass by your space even if you rented it.  If you can swim by batches, better.  We took turns in enjoying the pools so that one person will be left in our lose table to mind the things.

DRESS APPROPRIATELY.  We can always flaunt our beautiful bodies with swimsuits, but since public swimming pools are open to the public thus you swim with the public, you need to dress appropriately and comfortably.  Cotton shirts and board shorts are recommended.

These are just some of the things I learned when we decided to swim in a public pool during the peak season.  By next time, I will be more prepared in planning.

Enjoy the summer, guys J

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shopping For the Little One

I love shopping.  I think all women do.  When I was still single, every weekend you can be sure to locate me in a shopping mall.  My mom would always ask me if I sign my attendance sheet every weekend at the mall.  Of course, I don’t. LOL.  Being single gives me all the liberty in going to the shopping mall.  For one, I don’t have bills to pay yet, so I can spend most, if not all, my money shopping and I have all the time in the world, to go shopping.

Now that I’m a mom, my priorities have changed.  I still shop, (because I believe that shopping is therapeutic), but I no longer shop for myself alone.  Most of the time, my shopping is for the groceries needed in our home as what I said on a previous post about running my own household.  After that, I am to be located in the toddler section of the shopping mall – that is if time permits. 

Neo’s needs and wants now come first before mine.  If I have time to roam around the mall, I look for stuff for the little boy.  But most of the time, with the busy work schedule and the need be at home most of the time, I seldom go to the mall to shop.  But thanks to the ever growing internet, I am now given the opportunity, just like you, to shop online.  I have been browsing for toddler boys’apparel online and had found  great selection of baby and kids clothing at Zalora. 

Look at all those clothes from a year ago.  All of it given to the little boy.  Some of them don’t fit na, so I need to buy clothes for him.

Because my little boy is growing so fast, I need to buy him more clothes and shoes that fits him nicely.   I need to buy him clothes and shoes that are both practical and sturdy (because I have a hyper kid).  And because I’m one practical mom, I make sure to attend to my household and child's need first before mine, but I am not saying no to shopping for myself too J  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Aliwan 2015 Schedule of Activities

Aliwan Fiesta is an annual event that gathers various cultural festivals in the Philippines at CCP Complex Pasay wherein contingents compete in dance parade, float competitions, and a beauty pageant called Reyna ng Aliwan.

Here’s the schedule for this year’s Aliwan Fiesta

April 23, 2015, Thursday
8AM – Opening of Bazaars
6PM onwards – Tugtog ng Aliwan Competition

April 24, 2015, Friday
8AM – Bazaar Opens
630PM – Reyna ng Aliwan Pre-Pageant

April 25, 2015, Saturday
8AM – Bazaar Opens
3:30PM – Kick Off Ceremonies at Quirino Grandstand
4PM – Grand Parade
9PM – Awards Night

See you then J

Monday, April 13, 2015

Boracay 2015: Commuting To and From

This is our second time going to Boracay and the first we tried commuting.  The first time we went to this beautiful island, we availed a package offered by our hotel.  We decided to try commuting and it was honestly a very easy one.

We took a Manila to Caticlan flight going to Boracay and decided to take Kalibo to Manila when we went home.

From Caticlan Airport to Boracay:

1.    When we arrived at Caticlan airport, we registered at their tourist registration desk. We walk out of the airport.  No more than 10 meters to the right, is the tricycle terminal going to Caticlan Jetty Port.  We rented the whole tricycle for Php50.

2.    Upon arriving at the Jetty Port, we paid for the Terminal Fee (Php100) and Environmental Fee (Php75) before entering the port itself.

3.    We entered the boat and boarded the Bangka going to Cagban Port.  Bangka cost Php25 per person.

4.    No more than 30 mins Bangka ride, we arrived at Cagban Port.  Tricycles from the port to D’mall cost Php100 for chartered ride (Php25 per person).  chartered ride gives you (and your luggage) the ease of having the whole tricycle all by yourself.

A tip: Different hotels offer free shuttle service to and from D’mall.  You can ride the tricycle up to D’mall and just wait for your hotel shuttle. 

From Boracay to Kalibo Airport:

1.    From D’mall, we rode the tricycle to Cagban Port.  This cost us Php100 for chartered ride.

2.    From Cagban Port, we bought our Bangka tickets for Php25 each.  Paid the Terminal Fee (again) of Php100 each.

3.    When we went out of Caticlan Jetty Port, we rode the van to Kalibo Airport for Php175 each.  You can also try riding a bus.  SouthWest bus cost Php250 per passenger.  We alighted at Kalibo International Airport.

A tip:  If you’re flight is at Kalibo Airport, leave Boracay 5 hours before the flight to ensure you get there ahead of time.

Commuting to Boracay from Kalibo International Airport or Caticlan Airport is really easy.  So easy that even foreigners do this. J

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Neo’s Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a day to celebrate and reminisce the day that our Lord has risen from the dead.  As for kids, they look forward to enjoy hunting eggs on Easter Sunday.  Different establishments from malls to hotels to restaurants offer different Easter Egg Hunt activities that kids will surely enjoy.

Aside from going to church, we didn’t plan to attend to any Easter Egg Hunt activities because we already said yes to a task that requires us to stay at home.  Good thing that our church, Victory Dasmarinas is located at Robinsons Dasmarinas.  Robinsons Dasma offered an Easter Egg Hunt activity for kids called The Great Easter Eggspedition.

We just registered Neo.  He was given a small loot bag, searched his small egg, and decorated his cookie with the help of Papa.

Neo stayed there for a good 10mins.  I felt bad because he didn’t get to enjoy the activity long.  So I bought surprise eggs at Robinsons and hid it in our small garden.

Neo enjoyed searching for eggs.  He was particularly fond of the whistle he got inside the MCqueen surprise egg.  Next year, I am planning to be more prepared in terms of Neo’s Easter Egg Hunt activity.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Boracay 2015: Alta Vista de Boracay

Alta Vista de Boracay, located at almost the northern part of Boracay, was our home for 3 days when we went to Boracay.  Booking Alta Vista was something unplanned.  Whenever we travel, I always make sure to book a hotel that is practical and comfortable as we have a little boy with us.  To be honest, Alta Vista is more than comfortable but is not practical. 

Let me show you pictures and give you some reviews on why Alta Vista de Boracay is more than comfortable and is really a gem among Boracay hotels.

Early Check-in and Late Check-Out

As mentioned in my previous post, we arrived at Boracay at 8am.  We rode the free shuttle to Alta Vista and arrived there some time 930am.  We waited for 10mins because our room is being made up, and we were allowed early check in.  Check in time is 2pm. 

Our flight back to Manila is at Kalibo Airport scheduled at 8pm.  We were allowed late check-out at 2pm.  Check out time if 12noon.

The vast lobby of Alta Vista made it possible for the little boy to run around.

We only asked once and they allowed us.  This might be because Alta Vista has more than 500 hotel rooms.

Warm Welcome

Aside from the welcome drinks which we were treated while waiting, we were welcomed by courteous hotel staffs.  From the reception, concierge, shuttle drivers, all of them looked so happy to assist guests.

Welcome drinks for us. 

When we got the go signal to go to our room, the hotel staffs started picking up our luggage and putting it in the shuttle.  Shocked, I asked: “kuya, malayo ba ung room namin? “  To which he replied: “hindi po Ma’am.  Baka lang po kasi pagod kayo sa byahe at mas gusto nyo na hindi maglakad”.

All luggages are brought in their concierge and are labeled.  

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