Monday, April 13, 2015

Boracay 2015: Commuting To and From

This is our second time going to Boracay and the first we tried commuting.  The first time we went to this beautiful island, we availed a package offered by our hotel.  We decided to try commuting and it was honestly a very easy one.

We took a Manila to Caticlan flight going to Boracay and decided to take Kalibo to Manila when we went home.

From Caticlan Airport to Boracay:

1.    When we arrived at Caticlan airport, we registered at their tourist registration desk. We walk out of the airport.  No more than 10 meters to the right, is the tricycle terminal going to Caticlan Jetty Port.  We rented the whole tricycle for Php50.

2.    Upon arriving at the Jetty Port, we paid for the Terminal Fee (Php100) and Environmental Fee (Php75) before entering the port itself.

3.    We entered the boat and boarded the Bangka going to Cagban Port.  Bangka cost Php25 per person.

4.    No more than 30 mins Bangka ride, we arrived at Cagban Port.  Tricycles from the port to D’mall cost Php100 for chartered ride (Php25 per person).  chartered ride gives you (and your luggage) the ease of having the whole tricycle all by yourself.

A tip: Different hotels offer free shuttle service to and from D’mall.  You can ride the tricycle up to D’mall and just wait for your hotel shuttle. 

From Boracay to Kalibo Airport:

1.    From D’mall, we rode the tricycle to Cagban Port.  This cost us Php100 for chartered ride.

2.    From Cagban Port, we bought our Bangka tickets for Php25 each.  Paid the Terminal Fee (again) of Php100 each.

3.    When we went out of Caticlan Jetty Port, we rode the van to Kalibo Airport for Php175 each.  You can also try riding a bus.  SouthWest bus cost Php250 per passenger.  We alighted at Kalibo International Airport.

A tip:  If you’re flight is at Kalibo Airport, leave Boracay 5 hours before the flight to ensure you get there ahead of time.

Commuting to Boracay from Kalibo International Airport or Caticlan Airport is really easy.  So easy that even foreigners do this. J


  1. THANK YOU for your blog post! this is exactly the information I was searching online for: a breakdown of how much time/money for our commute to Boracay. We will be traveling from Bacolod to Boracay and then from Boracay to Kalibo to fly to Cebu.


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