Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rio Villa Nuevo Mineral Resort and Public Pool Swimming Notes

During summer we always treat our kids to vacations that involve swimming.  A popular destination for pool swimming is Pansol at Laguna because of its hot spring resorts.  But have you tried going to mineral spring resort?  If not, try going to Indang Cavite. 

Rio Villa Nuevo Mineral Resort is located at Brgy Tambo Kulit Indang Cavite.  It boasts of almost 10 swimming pools with cold mineral water.  Yes. Cold.

Entrance fee for adults is Php150 and Php100 for kids.  We went there last Good Friday and arrived at past 9am.  The resort is full that we don’t even have a cottage of our own.  We were given a lose table for Php120.

This is our first time to go to a public pool outing that’s just the four of us (me, the hubby, Neo, and ate Espie).  And we have a lot to learn.

RESERVATIONS.  It’s a last minute plan and we don’t have reservations hence the lose table scenario.  Don’t forget to reserve ahead of time especially if you plan to go during peak season.

FOOD.  Because Trece Martires’ Public Market is on the day to Indang, we stopped by and bought food.  We bought so much food that’s good for almost 10 people.  We even brought home our excess food for that day.

Adidas, anyone? 

UTILITIES.  Since it’s a public pool, and you pay for the entrance and space alone, don’t forget to bring utilities with you.  We forgot to bring our own grill and matches, good thing we were able to borrow grill from the resort.  Our survival skill paved way in lighting the charcoals without matches hehe.  We also forgot to bring dishwashing liquid.  The resort has a sari-sari store that sells stuff at an incredibly high price.  Better bring your own.

Checklist of utilities to bring:
·         Food (whatever you want to eat at the resort).
·         Charcoal, matches, grill, foil.
·         Water.  Ice tubes/cubes.
·         Plastics.  Lots of them.  Big and small.  Big ones for your wet clothes.  Small ones for excess food and all others.
·         Toiletries – shampoo, soap,
·         Clothes.  Swimming attire. Towels. 
·         Utensils, plates, glasses, tong, dishwashing liquid, sponge.

BASIC FIRST AID.  Never leave the house without it.  During our quick getaway, Neo scraped both knees and feet.  We have alcohol and Band-Aid’s ready, but he prefers to dip in the pool and forgot that it’s aching.

MIND YOUR BELONGINGS.  It’s a public area and thus all people can pass by your space even if you rented it.  If you can swim by batches, better.  We took turns in enjoying the pools so that one person will be left in our lose table to mind the things.

DRESS APPROPRIATELY.  We can always flaunt our beautiful bodies with swimsuits, but since public swimming pools are open to the public thus you swim with the public, you need to dress appropriately and comfortably.  Cotton shirts and board shorts are recommended.

These are just some of the things I learned when we decided to swim in a public pool during the peak season.  By next time, I will be more prepared in planning.

Enjoy the summer, guys J


  1. Oh wow cool water! That's just what we need. Masarap magbabad sa malamig na tubig sa ganito kainit na panahon.. Neo, you look big na. :)

    1. Yes, super sarap talaga magbabad sa cold water this summer no?

  2. Wow.. NEO looks really big na sis..!

  3. hi! can i ask if you have any contact number of this resort thanks!

    1. Hi, unfortunately I dont have a contact number for this resort.


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