Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shopping For the Little One

I love shopping.  I think all women do.  When I was still single, every weekend you can be sure to locate me in a shopping mall.  My mom would always ask me if I sign my attendance sheet every weekend at the mall.  Of course, I don’t. LOL.  Being single gives me all the liberty in going to the shopping mall.  For one, I don’t have bills to pay yet, so I can spend most, if not all, my money shopping and I have all the time in the world, to go shopping.

Now that I’m a mom, my priorities have changed.  I still shop, (because I believe that shopping is therapeutic), but I no longer shop for myself alone.  Most of the time, my shopping is for the groceries needed in our home as what I said on a previous post about running my own household.  After that, I am to be located in the toddler section of the shopping mall – that is if time permits. 

Neo’s needs and wants now come first before mine.  If I have time to roam around the mall, I look for stuff for the little boy.  But most of the time, with the busy work schedule and the need be at home most of the time, I seldom go to the mall to shop.  But thanks to the ever growing internet, I am now given the opportunity, just like you, to shop online.  I have been browsing for toddler boys’apparel online and had found  great selection of baby and kids clothing at Zalora. 

Look at all those clothes from a year ago.  All of it given to the little boy.  Some of them don’t fit na, so I need to buy clothes for him.

Because my little boy is growing so fast, I need to buy him more clothes and shoes that fits him nicely.   I need to buy him clothes and shoes that are both practical and sturdy (because I have a hyper kid).  And because I’m one practical mom, I make sure to attend to my household and child's need first before mine, but I am not saying no to shopping for myself too J  


  1. Wow. shopping galore.! I wish I could shop as well,It's been a long time since the last time I shop something for Ivy..

    1. shopping helps release stress for us moms. I wish I have so much money to buy and shop ng bongga :)


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