Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bonding with Animals at Residence Inn

One Saturday last March, when we have nothing to do at home, we decided to visit Tagaytay and drop by Residence Inn.  Residence Inn is part of Zoomanity Group.  The area is smaller than Paradizoo but has the same ambiance and is also home to a lot of animals.  But unlike Paradizoo that housed farm animals, Residence Inn houses zoo animals.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by this tiger and was invited by the caretaker to have a picture with it.  We begged off. #takot

We entered a room full of aquariums that has different animals.  From different fishes to different snakes to varieties of insects and spiders.

During the time we visited, Residence Inn has a small magic show performance that includes animals.

After watching the magic show, we toured the area.

Neo was very fond of this rabbit.  He asked to be photographed a number of times together with it.

Then he saw a boy that was inside the big lovebirds’ cage feeding the lovebirds.  He was so eager to try it.  We bought him the bird feeds.  But when he was inside, the lovebirds attacked the bird feeds he has in his hands.  He cried a lot.  Ang dami daw laway ng birds.  I’m not sure though if it was saliva he really meant. 

Before heading home, Neo also insisted on riding a horse. 

We had fun roaming around Residence Inn and trying different activities as well as bonding with the animals.

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