Monday, May 11, 2015

Laguna 2015: Doña Jovita Garden Resort

It’s an annual tradition for our family to visit Pansol, Laguna for summer.  Pansol, Laguna is famous for its hot spring resorts.  Cuyab Resort is a well-loved hot spring resort for my family, but we wanted to try something new, and we ended up at Doña Jovita Garden Resort. 

Doña Jovita Garden Resort is quite far and is almost near the boundary of Calamba-Los Baños.  It has a lot of swimming pools and picturesque area.

They offer overnight accommodations but we opted for day tour. 

The house at the back is one of the many overnight accommodations. 

Doña Jovita also offers receptions for celebrations such as weddings and birthdays. 

This hill at the back of Doña Jovita is where the Grotto is located.  You can bring your cross (provided by the resort) and trek up hill to the Grotto.  Carry your own cross – which is think was popular last Holy Week.

We only stayed at Doña Jovita for five (5) hours.  We can’t stay longer because traveling to  Laguna during long weekend (we went there last May 1, Labor Day) is a pain in our patience.  The heat and the traffic can really test one’s sunny disposition. 

The little boy had a great time at Doña Jovita, because he loves swimming.  My cousins and I also had a great time catching up with each other’s life, because chatting face to face is so much better than chatting at facebook J

The only thing that saddens me about Doña Jovita is the swimming pool waters.  The waters are not so clean and don’t even smell the tiniest of chlorine.  According to a staff, they only replace the pools’ waters once a week.  Nonetheless, we enjoyed our day of bonding J

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