Monday, May 18, 2015

Parenting Thoughts: Pagmamano

I became a godmother when I was still in late elementary level.  My godson is the son of church mates that I honestly was not close to.  They got me as a godmother for their son because my parents are their wedding sponsors. 

After 4 years, during my high school stage, I was a godmother to 4 boys already.  Some of these kids’ parents I don’t know personally.  I honestly don’t know why they made me godmother to their children.   This is a side note: Parents, choose godparents to your kids that you confidently know (not think, not believe, but KNOW) will look after your kid and will love them as your own.  Not because you think they will give nice gifts on Christmas or big amount of pakimkim or ampao.

I am still a young girl, when I became godmother to a lot of kids.  And there are times, when I meet them (mostly Christmas) that their parents will encourage them to bless (mano) to me which I ALWAYS refuse citing the sole reason I know:  I AM STILL YOUNG.  And I would feel awkward and would sometime feel resentful to their parents.  Hello, ang bata ko pa tapos magmamano yung inaanak ko sa kin.

Now that I am a mother, be it my son’s godparents or whoever I know that’s not too close to me, I encourage my son to bless.  And when they refuse, I become resentful.  Why?  Because I am teaching my son to be respectful and they are robbing that chance of learning from him.

So now, I feel bad that I robbed my godchildren before the chance for them to learn how to be respectful to older people by making mano.  Because of this, I allow kids I know or kids of people I know to bless to me.  This is one chance for kids to learn how to be respectful.  Let us not take this opportunity from them.

Please don’t forget to allow this little boy to pay his respects to you as an elder by blessing. J

PS:  When I ask my son to bless to you, don’t refuse and tell him or me that you’re young pa.  I will get mad.  Promise.

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