Friday, June 5, 2015

Google Prevents Suspicious Sign In

A lot of us have a lot of different online accounts.  Most of us have known someone (a friend of a friend) or personally has had issues with online security.  Accounts are being hacked because of lax in online security.

Last week, Google sent me an email with the title:  Suspicious Sign In Prevented.  The email stated that somebody tried to sign-in in my gmail account.  The details in the email include the date and time, the IP Address and the location where the suspicious sign-in was done.

Apparently someone from California tried to log-in to my gmail account.  And kudos to Google for preventing it.  Why did Google think it was suspicious?  One, because of the location the sign-in took place, and second, because of the IP address (device) used.

In case you have not yet tried, you can check Google account to see the device you use and the location the sign-in took place.  Just click My Account -> Under Sign-in and Security -> Device Activity & Notifications.  It would show you the list of devices you use and the location you are using it.

So how do we prevent hijackers from hacking our accounts?  Regularly change your password.  Even Google suggest this. 

Some accounts asks security questions to protect the owners, however, keep in mind that the security questions are basic and some are even answerable by Yes or No only.  50% chance of hacking. 

When I logged in to my gmail account, Google prompted me with another notice and asked if this was indeed me and asked me to change my password.

PS:  That suspicious person in California who tried to sign-in to my gmail account was the hubby.  He told me Google didn’t even let him in smoothly.  Google asked him my security question before proceeding.  He didn’t bother to answer (even though he knew the answer) and just shut down gmail.  That prompted Google to send me an email to protect me.


  1. Oh Dear, I am a victim of that. My account has been hacked. Account that I used for my blogging stuff. Ugh. Everyone should be aware.

    1. there are a lot of hackers nowadays talaga. we need to take extra measure in securing our accounts. change passwords regularly dapat.


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