Monday, June 29, 2015

Neo’s Curiosity Led Us to ER

Our little boy has lots of toys – of different kinds.  We want him to explore and be imaginative.  Some of his toys are good for one sitting and some are toys he plays with from time to time.

He has a small box of Legos (and Cogos, the cheaper alternative).  He creates different kinds of vehicles using those Legos and his imagination.  But his imagination went wild last week when he decided to insert a small Lego piece in his right nostril.

We tried to get the small piece out of his nostril using a tweezers, but Neo won’t keep still.  We then asked him to sneeze it out.  He can’t.  We read stories that if a child swallows a small piece of something, they will just poop it out, but the risk of choking comes to mind that we decided to rush him to the hospital. 

It took eight (8) people to hold Neo still.  He was wrapped in a blanket like a mummy.  Luckily the ENT was able to get the small Lego piece out after so much struggling, crying, and shouting. 

We’ve learned two lessons in this incident.  One is that this is not an accident because this is a result of Neo’s curiosity.  Two, if the label says choking hazards, we as parents should be attentive.


  1. OMY gesh.. thank god that he is okay!! tsk.tsk.. That is also the reason why I did not buy a lot of toys.

    1. Kids his age talaga has too much curiosity in them. Thank God talaga he is okay.


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