Friday, June 26, 2015

Neo’s Fun Day at Fun Ranch Alabang

Neo is a little boy with so much energy inside.  Every afternoon, he gets to run around our small village and play.  He would sometimes end up hurt because of too much activeness.  The mommy in me sometimes feel bad that the little boy is hurt but most of the time I feel proud and pacified once he told me that he is okay and he would go on telling stories about his fun day.

Since he is so happy running and playing around, we decided to treat Neo to a day at Fun Ranch Alabang.  I was able to score a Deal Grocer coupon for unlimited play at their indoor playdium costing Php190.  

Fun Ranch Alabang’s indoor playdium is big. 

The big slide where the little boy is banned (due to age).

Here’s the rate for Fun Ranch Alabang. 

Guardians of kids 3 years old and below are free of charge.  The hubby kept on following the little boy, but then decided that the playdium is safe with all the foams surrounding it, and decided to sit with me at the tables near the playdium.  Parents can eat and do their stuff here while their kids have all the fun they can.

The little boy had so much fun as evident of the photos we weren’t able to capture because he wouldn't keep still.  I asked him if he was happy and he answered “yes”.  I playfully told him we won’t be going back, and he was very firm that we will.  I really know he had so much fun.


  1. I also scored a voucher in deal grocer too and I have been planning to bring my toddler there tomorrow. I didn't know there's no charge for guardian of 3yo and below. Heheh. Then I will be free to go in.

    1. Don't forget to bring socks for you and for your toddler, Mommy Jen. They sell socks naman, but it would be better if you have your own (because we are practical :))


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